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Lost interest in going to the toilet Lock Rss

I have a 27 month old daughter.

A couple of weeks after her 2nd birhtday I commenced toilet training as she was very eager to learn - seeing her 5 year old sister and myself go. She loved her new knickers and wore pull ups to bed.
With great success she learnt to go in practially a day and for about 4 weeks we only had a couple of accidents here and there. She used the toilet when we went out, at childcare and even came inside to go to the toilet when playing outside.

She used the potty but preferred the toilet with her little step and toilet insert. Very proud of herself with lots of bragging about how clever and brilliant she was.

After the 4 weeks she slowly lost interest, she just cant be bothered going any more, she not scared of the toilet and I really don't know what went wrong. :}

So now I am back to square one with nappy's and continuous clean ups.

If you have any suggestions on what to do I would greatly appreciate it because I don't know at this stage whether to persist or wait for a few weeks and try again when she is eager again.

Lost and confused on what to do.

Thank you to anyone that has some suggestions

Juanita, SA, 2yr and 5 yr old daughters

I have a 3 year old i didnt think would ever train but i took notice of what he really liked when we went shopping and that was stickers so we started with a sheet of paper and every time he would go we would put a sticker on it and then we went and got an excersise book and he chooses his own stickers every time we go shopping and we now have 50 pages with stickers he has 1 sticker for wee and 2 for poo and its working great

narelle vic.3yr old.and 1yr old

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