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starting toilet training next w.e ne ideas Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

i've been reading through these post on toilet trainging and have finally decided its time to toilet train (well try for the second time).

i've spoken to my 2 1/5 yr olds child care centre and they've agreed they think he's ready (he's there 4 days a week)

i've decided to stay home for the 3 days he's with me and train. i've decided on taking him to the toilet every 30 mins and leave him in jocks. do you think this is a good idea or has anybody got another way.

i already have a cushie tushie and he happily sits on that each night after his bath. but normally doesn't do anything. i've just red about the weeman(that allows them to stand and wee) and i mite go and buy that. i'm just worried as i'm a single mum so he only sees me go to the toilet. so i'm a bit worried he'll get confused.

any ideas/suggestions would b great.

Hi Amy,
I found with Jesse (will be 2 this month)it was easier to get him to sit on the toilet first, as it was easier for him to aim. when i started to train him i put him in shorts or jocks and sat him on the toilet every hour and would get down to his level and ask him every half hour if he needed to do a wee wee or poo. It took me about a 2weeks to train him, at first he would do a wee in his jocks or shorts and then tell me straight away, but after i kept explaining that he has to tell me before he does it and then he wont get wet pants he then picked it up very quickly, he has now been fully daytime toilet trained since he was about 20months. Keep encouraging him and don't get upset with him if he has a few accidents, take a few moments to explain that he need to tell you before he does his wee, and before long he will have it all under control. good luck smile

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

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