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toilet training Lock Rss

Hi guys, i have a 16mth old girl and i amjust wondering when do i start toilet training????

mel,qld,15mth old girl

Hi, it is entirely up to you we have been advised not to worry about it until 3yrs unless we think he is ready. Check out the Huggies Toilet training guide and signs of readiness under the Parenting - Babys Developement part of this web site it's quite good.
I have 15 month old boy and started putting him on the potty at 10 months. He now yees and poos in the potty every time I sit him on it.

If you put your little girl on the potty at every nappy change she will begin to associate the potty with doing her wees and poos.

Mon, VIC, Mummy to Mikey 15 months

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