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Need help for my 3 yr.old son to toilet train Lock Rss

Hi everybody,

My son is going to turn 3 in Sepetember and he just wont go to the toilet. I tell him you have to tell mummy if you need to do wees or poos and then I take him to the toilet every hour or so but no luck .After he came out of the toilet he wets his pents or dipers. He doesnt tell me when he needs to go. He will sit on the toilet quite fine and the once he has used it we have given him heaps of praiseand read him a story it feels like we are going nowhere with it. He doesn't show show his interest.Is there any helpful hints anyone can give me to get him on the right track?? thanks.

Jasmin,NSW,3yr. son

I can't help but I am having the exact same problem and my son (Hayden) is also 3 in September.
My son is just not bothered at all by nappies and is not interested in the potty or toilet.
My daughter was very quick to train.
It makes me feel like I am failing sometimes.
All I can say is that you are not alone and I know how frustrating it is - I also don't think it is an indication of how smart they are as both my kids have been diagnosed as being gifted (so don't think this means your son isn't clever - he is probably thinking that there are far more important things for him to do perhaps?).

almost 3 and in nappies!

I am having the same problem. My son is 3 in October and shows absolutely no interest at all. I've tried all approaches - encouraging him gently and softly to physically making him sit on the toilet or potty, reading stories about it, talking about it, making the toilet a fun place to be, putting the potty wherever he wants it, removing his nappy, using training pants, using real undies/boxers... you name it I've tried it! He's completely resistant to the whole concept and yet he's totally aware of when he's doing a wee or a poo.

He is also not bothered by being in a dirty nappy and has way too many other things to do.

I tend to agree with dossy that the very smart kids don't seem to respond to the usual things like other kids do - this is definitely the case with my boy, he's just too smart and sees right through my 'big boy' remarks!

I know that several health care professionals I've spoken to have assured me that when he is ready he will come to me and that it WILL happen, but it will only be on his schedule and not mine.

It's very frustrating, but what else can we do!?
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