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15 1/2 month of taking nappy off Lock Rss

hi my 15 1/2 month old is taking her nappy off i haven't started potty training her yet.
I think she was copying her friend who is also taking her nappy off
alot of people told me i need to start toilet training her and other people tell me to ignore it that it's a phaze

what do i do

ignore it or start potty training

I need to stop her it's not only wetting the bed but it goes everywhere

please give me some seggestions


mell, vic, 15 1/2 month girl

My daughter is 16 1/2 months and she when started to take her nappy off I would sit her on the potty. It didn't matter whether she did anything but in this last to week she is starting to want to use the potty and were training pant of her own accord.
Just try her on the potty If she is ready for it she will use is when she is comtable with it.

2 girls 5 year & 16months

Hi im only new at this so I hope Im doing this right. I have a 15month old daughter name Destiny, Im to having trouble with removing of nappy, but I found when she does that I put her on the potty.Of a night I just put pilchars & a wonder suit on It works like a dream. I no longer put nappies on her for most of the day, I keep putting her on the potty all the time.
Kind regards Jenny-lee

jenny, gold coast,baby girl 15months

If you dont' want her taking her nappy off have you tried putting it on backwards?
This seemed to slow my little boy down when he did it (he was way too young to toilet train at the time)
My son isn't doing this yet, but it was suggested to me, if he starts, to use nappy pins as well as the disposables fasteners. I rather suspect this will work, as the safety pins I have are hard enough for me to work!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

I just have a simple question. My eldest is one year old. She has been pulling off her nappy if unrestricted by clothing. Should I take this as a sign that she is ready to start using the potty during the day? I don't want to start her too early so how do I know when she's ready?

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Hi this is my first post, so I hope I am doing it right! When my daughter was about 12 months old she started taking her nappy off during the night and I would have to change her bed every morning. I found the easiest and safest thing for me to do was to put stickytape once all the way round the nappy. Just have to make sure you leave the end at the back so you can get it off the next morning.
The only tape we found to work was electrical tape and we had to wrap it completely around, no gaps allowed!!!!
(I'm so glad my girl isn't the only one)
lol!! I thought I was the only mother who had to resort to taping her child into nappies. Did you have to cut the electrical tape to get her out of her nappy?
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