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Toilet Training 3yr old PLEASE HELP!!!! Lock Rss

My daughter has just turned 3 and I have been trying to get her toilet trained! She has no problems with sitting on the toilet or the potty, but doesnt seem to know when she needs to go. I ask her every 5 minutes or so (is this too much??) and all the time she says "no" but then a few minutes later will wee on the floor. She wants to wear undies all the time but.....
This afternoon I have put her on the potty every 40min and each time she has done a wee. I get very excited when she wees on the potty and she gets a sticker a s a reward. Is 40minutes to soon?? I am so confused!!! aaahhh Am I giving up too early??
Would be great to hear other mums methods of training their 3 yr old princesses!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

the 40mins thing is what it says in the book I've got.
But honey, You're WAY ahead of me, I can't even get my nearly3yrold to sit on the damn potty, it drives me nuts.

3 girls under 3

Hi, don't give up just yet. I have just finished toilet training my third child and yes it can be a slow and long process. Sending your child to the toilet every 40 mins is a great idea. I wouldn't ask her if she needs to go I would just take her and also make it a habit of taking her to the toilet before you leave the house to go anywhere. As for undies, have you tried to cotton trainer that you find at Kmart or Best and Less? They have a little bit more padding in the crouch which doesn't make the puddle on the floor so big!!! My advice is to have patience and she will get there. With my second child I thought I would never get there but to my surprise he 'got it' all of a sudden!!!
The sitcker chart is a great idea too. GOOD LUCK!!

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wow thanks guys!! your replies have given me a great boost!!! we had a few accidents yesterday but ill keep going with it!!
i thought instead of giving her a lolly when she did a wee, she gets a sticker (which she loves!!) when she gets 5 stickers she gets a lolly! She understands that she needs 5 stickers and will stand there counting them!!!
Thanks Again!!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

my daughter is nearly 3 and i used to let her run around bottom less at home i also told her to use the grass outside if she had to go i know that sounds bad but it works they wont do it until they are ready everything is on there time not ours.
I had success with this method in toilet training my little boy (2 yrs at the time). He seemed to be showing no interest so I made a point of letting him see me go to the toilet every time and he was soon saying "oh toilet" himself and running through. We did have accidents (the padded trianing pants from best and less are great) and the times when he did go on the toilet we did a "swing around" (he loves being swung around), even if he sat on the toilet and didn't wee he got a little swing around to encourage the behaviour which worked a treat. Your star chart sounds like a great idea too! ( maybe you could try half a star or a different colour if she sits on the toilet but doesn't do a wee, it's still an acheivement)and I agree with what the other lady said about not asking her if she needs to go (if she's anything like my boy the answer to everything is NO) just put her on, a little praise when she sits, heaps when she wees. I was told to ignore the accidents (I used to say "never mind we'll try the toilet next time) and heap on the praise when she does go on the toilet. Hang in there you'll be suprised when she suddenly gets it!


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