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has anyone tried the ebooks or websites claiming 'instant success' with toilet training Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling pretty overwelmed with all the information out there and I've noticed quite a few people claiming to be able to toilet train a toddler in a 'few days' or a 'few hours' on websites and ebay and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever bought these ebooks or subscribed to these websites and whether you had any success?

thanks in advance,

QLD Mumof3

Hey Sarah

Toilet train in a few days or hours.......DOUBT IT!!!

How many kids do you know are the same,developing at the same rate,feed at the same time,learn to walk,run,sleep at the same time......I dont know any
Thats why I doubt very much if this would really work.Its impossible to get any toddler do something they dont want to or arent ready to do.

I would save my money & go with the flow.Let your little one tell you when he is ready,or start to entice him alittle.Show him the potty & make it a happy time.

You will be fine:) Take a deep breathe & it will happen

Best of luck
All the thing iternet one says is to take 1 day out and concentrate on TT for that day only. They say the dad is best to train them because he has less emotional attachment to the child then mum.
There should be no other kids or distractions in the home, not even tv.
Need to buy undies and snack treats (fruit, bite size items that can be eaten quickly), also need some stuffed toys or dolls, and a timer.
The whole concept is repatition - you start out with a toy which you have put the undies on, set the timer for 5mins and when it goes off teddy gets to go potty, reset the timer and 5mins later teddy goes again.
After a few hours your child should try using the toilet etc when they do they get a treat, and if they do something on the toilet they get a special treat (chocolate or special drink).
You are suppose to keep the fluids up so that they will eventually do a wee on the toilet.

I dont know if it really works but give it a go
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