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2 1/2 yr old in undies Lock Rss

basically what we doing is this,

since my son was 18mths old he being sitting on the toilet, now he is in undies all day untill he has a sleep, im not sure if its how we should do it but he like the undies and has done few wee's in the loo but still does it in his undies, we not forcing him, but sometimes we have to

does anyone do the same???

izacc,ethan and mya

Does he get the basics like identifying when he needs to go to the toilet (wee and poo) and either asking you or taking himself to the toilet/potty?

The key to toilet training is them knowing and understanding those feelings when they need to go.

What you can do to help things move along, is take him to the toilet every 45 minutes. Don't ask him if he needs to go, that doesn't get you any-where as they usually answer 'no' regardless. Just every 45 minutes, say 'its time to go to the toilet' and make it a fun time. With that time frame, you should catch all wee's and poo's and the concepts will start to really click.

Make sure you celebrate sitting on the toilet even if there is no wee or poo.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

persistance is the key, my son who will be 4 next month has only just caught on going to the toilet himself and now hasnt had any accidents at all for about a month. We never had any problems with the night time at all. Even when the daycare told me I should put him back in nappies, I refused - just keep at it and he will eventually get it
he knows when he needs to wee, but most times he doesnt make it, so he has accidents. i put him on the loo evry 30mins to hr depending on how much he drinks, he knows how to ask me too and he did the other day and did a big wee on the toilet. he knows if he does one then he gets a lolly (smarties).

he loves the new toilet seat so thats alot of fun for him

thanks for your help

izacc,ethan and mya

I do the exact same thing with my 18mth old, and have been for a few month. He wears undies at home and pull-ups when we go out. I put him on about every 30-45mins and tell him to do a wee and he does. We still have him wee his pants at least once a day, but he tells me he's wet and we go off to the toilet to change him. Instead of rewarding DS with food I reward him with stamps and stickers. Seems to work good.

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