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Sleep Apnea ?? Lock Rss

Hi I was wondering if any one has a child with sleep apnea and how hard was it to get diagnosed? I read an article about it and my son displays several signs. He is a hot sleeper, noisy breathing, restless sleep, poor appetite, drowsy during the day, and his speech is't progressing as i'd like. He is nearly 2. I was just wondering what they do about it and what improvments the child made. Thanks for reading this, any comments will be greatly appreciated.
I have never heard of sleep apnea in toddlers, but all the symptoms that you mentioned sound like my son too except for the drowsy during the day one, he is hypo all day. I might read up on it too.

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

I have no idea. Where was the article published? Maybe you should mention it to your doctor next visit?

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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