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27mnths.. still won't sleep Lock Rss

I have a 27month old and he will go to sleep in his bed, but wakes up anywhere between 10.30pm and 2am and will not go back to sleep.. I have never had a full nights sleep since he was born, I have tried controlled crying, sitting with him, nothing seems to work, I am at my wits end sometimes. I have let him come into my bed and he spends the rest of the night making sure I am there, by pulling my hair and getting as close as he can... what can I do
hi Sonia
It sound like you have had a rough time - but you really need to fix problem before he gets any older. Have you considered outside assistance - sleep clinics, or a consultation with a sleep specialist. There are two that are quite well known, tizzy hall ( and Sheyne Rowley ( they both have great websites where you could get information or contact them for a consultation. It can sometimes cost a bit but now that your son is nearly 3 you might need expert help to break his habits. Sorry i cant offer you any advice - my son is only 15mths and a good sleeper (now anyway) but i have used some of the info on these websites and it is all helpful.
Anyway - good luck, let us know how it works out
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