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fear of new room Lock Rss

i am due to have bubs number 2 in 6 weeks and we have just moved DD into her new room.....(didn't want to do it so close to bubs birth but have had a shocker of a pregnancy- 7 hospital admissions!)

She has been having her day sleep in her "speecial room" for about 4 weeks with no problems but the last two nights we have put he in there for her night sleep and she is just terrified...I have moved her lamp in there and a lot of the toys she had in the "nursery" but she just has this terrified look on her face.

last night it took her from 8.30 till 11.20 to fall asleep......and then at 4 she was screaming again and hubby went and slept in thebed beside her....not necessarily what i wanted but at 34 weeks pregs and 4am you kinda do anything!

I'd love to hear any suggestions of what I can do with this situation

syd, daughter april 03, son Nov 05

Not sure if this would apply to you but I had a friend who this wrked for when moving her darling boy into his new room. (they were moving him to a big bed too)

They put his cot in the new room first and for a week ortwo he slept in the cot then they put the bed in there. So it wasn't a huge transition all at once iykwim

good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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