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He keeps waking up Lock Rss

My son who is 15 months now has though it would be fun to wake mum up during the night and then at 3.30 party lol. Being preg i carnt hand it no longer.

I dont know if its ture or not but i put him in a port-a-cot when he was younger due to the fact he kept smashing his head on the rails of the cot. But he wees through his bedding sometimes and if he dose that the port-a-cot is so hard on the bottom i dont know if this is waking him up.

Have anyone had a problem with them being a hard bottom. I dont know if its better to put him back in his cot now


TTC a baby girl

Hi Connors Mum
I am 19 weeks pregnant also and my 15 month old still parties at least once most nights and I am just as tired as you are.
We have to turn off the monitors (if we havn't already) If you use the port-a-cot as I do sometimes then you could go and get a matress for it as I have done so that its not so hard for baby (when I sleep her in it Hannah loves it). I know Hannah knows how to sleep properly and I have no idea why she chooses to wake. I know she dressed right, fed and given enough milk so who knows but it does drive me nuts and I seem to be eternally tired. There's not much you can do except ignore the party. If Hannah isn't upset I don't go into her however I'm also awake for part of that as I am still learning today how to ignore her when she's fine. Sorry I'm not much help, just wanted to let you know I'm in the same position as you.
PS: Bed time is 7pmish most nights. Hannah sleeps in her cot most of the time but I use a bumper around the whole cot (thats my choice now she's older) to stop her banging her head and waking up. Good luck to you and Connor.
Deb & Hannah

Deb,PER, 14mth Baby

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