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big bed? pillows? Lock Rss

hi all
My son is 14 months old. We want to move him to a bed so we can give the cot to our other son as he is almost out of his cradle. BUt i am not sure if he is ready. Are there any signs i should look for? If hes not ready we are happy to buy another cot as the cot he is in eventually changes to abed and a lounge so it is reusable if we need to buy another one. I recently put in a post that he still wakes at 5-6 am for a bottle, we have tried to give him water and that seems to work, but I am worried about him getting out a big bed?
also, when do we introduce pillows?
I would love to hear stories and ages that u guys moved ur toddlers to a big bed..

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi we moved Harrison to a big bed at 14 mths (6 wks b4 Chantelle was born ) for the same reason- needed the cot. We have a bed rail on his bed and he only fell out twice. He learnt very quickly not to try and get off! He didn't use to get off in the morning but now he can climb over the rail into bed so he thinks it's great fun to climb out in the morning and then climb back in. He wakes around 6/6:30am and we leave him in his bed till 7am (usually) with some books and a drink of water. He has a very flat pillow which we gave him at around 16mths. Others say no pillow till 2yrs but if he wants one in his "big bed" just get a very flat one like we did.
We were also using a Safe-T-sleep so we kept that on his bed for a few weeks to help him get the idea that this was where he slept.
Also you could try just his day sleep there for a while so he gets used to it and it doesn't matter so much if he doesn't sleep.
Is he staying in the same room or moving?
Harrison moved so we moved his toys and clothes tec a couple of weeks earlier so he got used to playing in hs new room.
Hope that helps,

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