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2 naps down to 1 Lock Rss

hi two still are having two naps a day they are 14mths old, wake up about 6am,nap between 9 till 10.30.back to bed around 1.30 till 3-3.30,then bed time at 7pm they sleep all night .....i have tried missing the morning nap but MY GOD that was a big anyone else on the same routine
the only problem that you only get a couple of hours to do shopping ,bills.ect.....thanx tracy
Hi, your kids sound pretty spot on and they will let you know when they want to go to one. My boy just one day didn't want to sleep at 9/9:30am and started falling asleep about 11am. It is hard to get out and do everything but try and enjoy the break as they will soon go to one and then none. Between 1 and 2yrs my son went from 2sleeps to one to none at 2yrs 2months. It is easier now to go places but you do miss that chance to take 5 minutes for a cup of tea. I love having my boy around but even half an hour of quite would be a dream these days.
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