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Moving into a big bed Lock Rss

We moved our 19 month old into a big bed two weeks ago, due to the fact that he was really sick and managed to vomit etc all over his mattress. Thankfully the transition has gone really well. He loves his "Big Boy Bed" and loves to show vistors when they ask him where it is. The only "problem" we have is a climbs in and out of about 6 times before finally going to sleep. We don't make a fuss, he gets told to go back and climb into his "big boy bed" and then we go in and tuck him in again, hopefully the novelty of getting out of bed will where of soon. The only thing I find hard to get used to is how little he looks in his bed, it is really cute.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

I was a little sacred at first about moving my daughter into a big bed, but i think she loved it more than i did. My husband and i took her shopping for her bed and when we found the one we liked we let her play on it for a while in the shop. She didnt want to get off when it was time to pay for the bed and leave the shop. Now the only problem we have is her sneaking out of bed when she does not want to go to sleep. Any ideas on keeping your child in bed?

Karen, 2year toddler

HI Everyone. Seems moving into a big bed is a major drama for alot of us.
I have a just turned 2 year old who has been in his big bed for 4 months now. First 2 months were great until he realised that he can get in and out at his leasure. Now, its on for young & old every night as he throws tantrums about going to bed& also wakes 3 - 4 times a night.
We have tried control crying but he gets so upset that he vomits, I've tried lying with him but he is a very light sleeper & screams the second I leave his bed. He only wants mummy at night so dad cant seem to settle him.
My main problem is that I also have a 8 month old & I am expecting my third in 4 months (yes, 3 under 3!!!) My 8 month old also wakes during the night & is an early riser & I desperately need some sleep. 4 hours of broken sleep a night just does not seem to cut it any more.
Call it my emotions but I can not handle the screaming when we control cry. I end up in tears most nights too.
Any advise would be well welcomed.

Wow, just you to know that you are already remarkable. Can Hubby help out with your 8 mth old??

Fortunately, despite my story, my daughter has been fine ever since, although she has never been able to get out of her room! We have high door handles, and she can't open them. She quite often plays for an hour before putting herself to bed. Sorry this rambling isn't helping you!

Is there a special toy you have of could buy, that may help settle him?? I have also heard that your pillowcase near him may help, because of the scent thing.

Just an idea, thinking of you for the next few months,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


I first started by putting the cot away (I only brought the cot back out for my next baby and kept referring to it as the baby's bed) and placing a mattress on the floor in its place. I did this for about a month and then put the bed up with a bed rail. You will find that he will get up off the bed and wonder out to you. If they keep doing this than I was adviced by my health nurse to do the following:-

Do your normally bedtime rountine and upon placing your son to bed say the following after your night, night, mummy loves you "now its time for bed, now you must stay in bed, if you don't stay in bed mummy will have to close the door". If he doesn't stay in bed then you put him back to bed and say "now you didn't stay in bed, I'm closing the door now". Close the door and let him cry until there is 1 minute of slience. Then go open the door. If he wonders off his bed again keep doing the same thing until he associates that by staying on his bed, the door will stay open. My little one was very determined and I had to keep the door closed all night and still have to although it was something I never wanted to do. She didn't even mind having the door closed! This is the Triple P Program. It does work.

best of luck!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths


What great ideas, considering night training will have to eventuate, i will soon need to have the door open.



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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