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2yr in bed now wont sleep Lock Rss

Help, my two year old used to sleep beautifully, and has in a week turned into a monster. We have a prebed routine, dinner, bath, drink of milk, stories, songs and in bed. She is now getting out of bed (been successfully sleeping there for 10months) and screaming for hours! She bangs on the door, calling out, I go in every so often, check nappy, give a drink, read a story, leave her to cry, etc, and last night I stood outside the door for an hour holding it shut after three hours of hell. What do you do when the child gets out of the room? She is waking up her little sister, making things really hard. Any ideas? I would be grateful, my hubby works away from home, so I often doing this alone. Do I stop her day sleeps maybe......???Thanks for anything!!!
Can she explain what is bothering her or give you some kind of hint - maybe she needs a night light or music on.

How many day sleeps is she having and at what times?

Another thing at this age could be 2 year old molars, they stir them up for many months - horrible things.

Good luck, sounds like you are having a particularly hard time.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Mmm, wondering if she is becoming afraid of the dark or something. She has one day sleep around 1pm, generally awake around 3-3.30pm. It has gone later though, so maybe I should wake her if it goes past this time. And yes, she is getting her molars too. I tried asking if she was afraid or seeing something but I'm not getting anything definate back, she repeats things and I don't want to put ideas in her head. I don't know what age toddlers generally stop having day sleeps??? She is such a climber too, I worry about having a light in her room, though we have one in the hall way at night that throws some light into her room....
I'm just stabbing in the dark (silly pun - lol). We had a light for a period of time with DD, then stopped - it seemed to get her past what ever was bugging her at the time. I like the light in the hall idea. We left the toilet light on for many months as well, that shone enough into her room for us to see - lol.

I never let DD sleep past 4pm - thats my cut off, other wise night times can be a bit difficult. As for when they stop, it varies significantly. I have friends who's 18 month olds don't day nap, and then there is my DD - getting close to 3 years old and will sleep for 3 hours after lunch. At DD's kindy about 2/3 of the kids in preschool (age 4-5) have a nanna nap for 1-1.5 hours - the rest stay up.

I don't know about you, but I end up giving every-thing a go - then she suddently stops the behaviour and I never really know what worked - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi....HELP!!! I am in the same situation as you. My nearly 2yr old girl has been in a bed for 3mths now & we have not changed our routine either (dinner, milk, brush teeth then bedtime at 7:30pm)...but she just will not go to sleep.
We used to always close the door...then when this all started, with the new bed, we thought she might be scared so left the door slightly open. This worked for a cpl of nights then she was fine in her bed & would just get out & play in her room. Now she brings all the toys out of her room & puts in hallway, but she doesn't come out herself cause she knows it's bedtime. We would go in, quietly & put her back into bed. To no avail, she'll do this till 9-9:30pm! I hate it!!! If a light is on, she plays. If i close the door she'll scream for a little then just fall asleep at the door. If we let her go, she falls asleep at the door with all her toys around her.
She still has a lunchtime sleep of about 1.5hrs, but she is starting to get out of it...i still put her in her room for some "timeout" & then i can maybe catch some rest too.
I don't know! Every night i can't wait till 7:30pm to get a break, but still have to deal with her till 9pm or something. Any more answers???
Oh yeah, she's great sleeper though, once she's asleep no probs till morning (expect here & there).
Thx, Liza
[Edited on 31/01/2008]
You could try putting a baby gate in her doorway so she can have the door open if that is what she is afraid of. When I was little I couldn't sleep with my door shut.


sorry i have no 2 and a half yr old son is keeping me up to all hours in the morning. he sleeps in my bed for reasons i can't be bothered explaining lol but he will be in big bed this weekend and im afraid then im really not going to get any sleep, i try stay up til he is asleep (in my bed) before i go in to sleep......but when it reaches 2am in the morning i give up and go to sleep...thinking it is just a phase that won't last too long...tho its already been what seems like foreverrr ( maybe 6weeks or so)
best of luk.

Danni, WA,

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