Our little boy (just turned two) has a habit of getting out of his bed at night.

He goes to bed at 7pm with the normal routine of bath, dinner, book and drink then bed. Then he will get up and play with his door or just stand in the hallway.

We have tried
*star charts (worked for a while)

*giving him a smack, - all that did was made us feel bad, he just got back up.

*lock him in his room - all he did is screem.

*I read in the Aus parenting Mag to put a stair guard up- he busted it down.

*We have tried to put him to bed later and ended up with one tired little boy.

My husband and I have come to the agreement to do what they do on T V and not say anything to him but just keep putting him back to bed and also use a starchart.

The problem is this method takes a long time and he shares a room with his 5mth old sister and wakes her up, so the next day I end up with two tired, grumpy children.

He also gets up at 5am and comes into our room we are trying to solve this problem the same way.

There is no where else I can put Abby as as we live in a two bedroom farm cottage, she is a very good sleeper but I am scared that she will get bad habits from Hamish.

Is anyone else been through this or going through this? Any advice or tips would be great.

The whole family is suffering as are all getting very tired.