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bedtime tonight? Lock Rss

So what time is bedtime tonight after the change to daylight savings? What is the best to do to change their little clocks over to the new time?

Suz, NSW

hi suz,
my lil man could go to bed at the new 7 o'clock, but we have been having him wake anywhere between 4-6 for a bottle, so yesterday we gave him a morn nap and a rest/nap in the afternooon ( of which ehplayed quietly for most of 2 hours in his cot) and we had a much happier diner time and he slept till 6:30!!! he still went to bed at 7 ut he had not bath or anything, so we re thinking h can go to bed at 8 now ( the old 7 for a few days) and have 2 naps and see ifd that helps, otherwsie its just as easy for us to move him fwd. but i have read amongst lotsa baby sites that sowly moving em into the new clock will help. we kinda started last week, 15 mins earlier eavh night but if we put him in bed at 6 hed sleep anywa! dont know why when its so hard tpo get him to sleep in the day! lol
goodluck what ever u do

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

We have a few tips here on our site that may help you make the transition.
<a href=" for Daylight Saving</a>
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