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What age to move into a big bed???? Lock Rss

Hi kristiegai,

Congrats on the successful moving of your daughter to the big bed.

Hope it continues to go well for you.

Best wishes,

Hi Michelle

Don't know if you have already read this post. But thought I would post it here for you:
Paige was so excited last night when we got home from work & day care, to see her bed (not even put together) in the loungeroom. She was running around saying my new bed over and over. I explained to her that we would have to wait til Saturday til my mum could come and help put it together, well that didn't go as planned, she then started saying my grandma help bed over and over.
I rang mum so she could listen to her. Mum said she would come around. So we ended up putting it up, with Paige running between the lounge and her room saying my new bed. As soon as the mattress was on she went and got her step and was up bouncing around laughing. We finally got the bed made (with her help, if you would call it that).
After mum went home she had her night bottle, she help me sort out pillows on the floor etc. I explained to her that it was in case she feel out. I also put a rolled up blanket under the mattress on the side that wasn't near the wall so she was more inclined to roll the other way.
I just asked her were she wanted to sleep in the cot or the bed, her reply 'new bed', which surprised me AND we got the pillow to stay in the bed too. So I got her tucked in, she chatted to me for a little while saying new bed, my doona. Then I just told her in was now time to shut her eyes and go to sleep and mummy would stay until she was.
And that was it! I was totally amazed that she stayed there all night. Mind you I checked on her 3 times to make sure she was alright.
I was stressing about the transition but so far it has been easy. We will see what happens over the next few days. Probably still won't take the cot down til saturday week.
This morning when she got to day care she couldn't wait to tell her 2 favorite carers she had her new bed and slept in it. It was a bit funny her trying to tell them, I had to interpret some of her words as she was speaking so fast.
Well that is that. Sorry for the long post. I am just so happy and proud of her that she slept in her bed last night.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Well done Rachel......and Paige..........they really do surprise us don't they.???

I bet your'e a proud mummy.

Keep up the good work.


Michelle - Mum to 2

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