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bottles at night... Lock Rss

My 15mth old little girl still has a bottle at night and to be honest I really don't mind and will continue this for as long as she wants, my question is can I just give her the bottle in her cot now she's older? I always take her from her cot to our bed and she lays down, drinks and I just put her back to her cot as soon as she's finished. I thought that maybe I could just give her a bottle to hold herself without taking her out. Do others do this??? Thought it might make her outgrow this bottle a little quicker???

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hi, i ahve been giving my son a bottle in his cot to hold on his own since he was about 10 months, he could sit up and lay down with it so he was fine. Laying down with a bottle is supposed to be bad for their ears so i encoiurage him to sit up or put pillows under him, but during the night i just give it to him.

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