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Tizzie Hall Routines Rss

Hi. My bub is now 13 months. I have been following the routines in Save Our Sleep, since my bub was 4 months. They have worked perfectly, and we have had 12 hours of sleep a night since then. Everything is going fine at the moment except for her day sleeps. Bub was having 2 day sleeps, one morning (1.5 hrs) and 1 afternoon sleep (1 hr) up until about a week ago, and now she is getting a bit fussy. I am sensing she needs to change routine and perhaps have just one big sleep. Was hoping to get some advice off someone who has followed Tizzie Hall routines, as the book gets a bit vague with details and says to be flexible after 12 months, but after being so structured for a long time, I am having difficulty working out what bub needs now??? How have other people worked out a new routine after 12-14 months?
Hi there

Same for us always followed a fairly consistant routine and was not sure what to do when my son's 2 sleeps changed. Our son slept from 7pm to 7am then did the two sleeps (10.30 and 2.30) we just changed it to 12midday. lunch at 11.30, with a banana when he woke up (or other way around if needed) start of the change is hard because may not eat well due to tiredness so you do need to try and read the signs a little to see what suits. was hard to me to change my routine but only takes a couple of weeks for all to get use to it and then wow you have another routine. the best part I found now is that i can go out with him in the mornings if need and we can be back for him to sleep in his cot by 12pm. Life has become a little less rushed to get home to the cot (my son is a bed sleeper and no where else, he is now 2 and he is still doing the night time sleep and going to bed at midday althought it is slowly changing to a 1pm nap time.

Hope this helps

D Blue Eyes

Thanks so much for that, I actually thought that 12 would be a good time. I think I will have to gradually stretch her, as she seems to be more tired in the mornings than in the afternoon. I am looking forward to being able to do a little more throughout the day, as just like you said, my daughter will only really sleep well in her own cot. I am glad to hear from someone else that has done the routines successfully. Has your son always slept well through the night? I am still waiting for my daughter to turn into one of these other babies I keep hearing about, and wake through teh night with teeth etc, but it just hasn't happened.
I cut my son's second sleep out really gradually by giving him a shorter and shorter sleep in the morning until it was only about 15 minutes long (and early too - like 9.30). Then he was ready for bed again around 1.30pm. Eventually we just cut it altogether when he was 22 months old! Now he has one sleep - he goes to sleep anywhere between 11.30 and 1.30 depending on how tired he is, or what we're doing. Maybe this is what Tizzie Hall means by being flexible? Oh, I should point out DS was always an early riser so ready for an early sleep when he was younger.

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Hi again

My son was actaully a cat napper, I was beside myself with wanting some type or normality. It was a gradual process we just did not react to quickly on his stirring etc. At about 6 months he was in bed from 7pm to 7am, sleeps in the dark. We soon invested also in a cam monitor my son to this day does not cry out to be taken from his bed, he knows that somehow mum and Dad know when he is awake, he happily awaits us to come get him, about 15 to 30 minutes afer he wakes. The Cam is very good for my confidence too since now he is in a bed. we have also followed the same routine since he was born, which he and i are comfortable and secure with.

Have not had any issued with the wake up yet (although scared to write that just incase is starts)

How does your daily routine work at the moment?

D Blue Eyes

Hi, I am struggling with my 12.5month old’s nap at the moment and stumbled across this forum. Was wondering if you guys can help.
He was doing 2 sleeps. First one about 10am (3hr awake time for at least 1.5hr. I don’t let him sleep pass 12pm). Second nap at 3pm (3hr awake for 1hr. Don’t let him sleep pass 4pm). Bedtime 8pm.
He’s first awake has slowly become 3hr 10-15mins and second nap 3hr 20mins and he takes about 15mins to fall asleep when it used to be less than 5mins. I’m wondering if he’s ready to transition to one nap. I have read Tizzie Hall’s book and follow it loosely.
Can someone let me know how they went about with transitioning their DD to one nap? Should I be lengthening the first awake time but letting him sleep for shorter and keeping the second awake time the same? Or?

Thanks in advance. smile
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