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what age did bubs go to one sleep? Lock Rss

my 15 mth old has just gone abck to 2 sleeps. I moved him to one sleep at 10 mths as he was fighintg the afternoon sleep and it wasbetter to get 1 2/3 hour sleep than one hour in the morn and a afterbnoon of screaming. This has worked for u for a while, but lately i have been putting him down at 10:30 and hoping for an afternoon nap which i get without a fight now. I thought he was maybe a bit old for this but is aw in " how many sleeps for ur 15 mth old" that most 15 mthers are doin 2 sleeps, at what age did urbubs go to one sleep??

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

My DS went to 1 sleep at 16 months (after about 1 month of me trying to keep 2 sleeps and failing - so probably about 15 months really)... But my Mum said I was still having 2 sleeps at 3 years!!!! So whatever your bubs is happy with, and still goes down good at night (at whatever time you are happy with) is good! The longer you can keep 2 sleeps the better I reckon!

Suz, NSW

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