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Is he too old for his cot? Lock Rss

I have a 2.5 year old DS who still sleeps in a cot. I get a lot of grief from my mother about why I have not put him into a bed yet. He has a single bed, a car bed which sits on the floor but he doesn't want anything to do with it. He sleeps very well well in his cot during the day and at night so i don't see why I should have to take the cot away but feel like I am being a bad mother if he stays in the cot. Any advice?

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05


No he is not too old for his cot, if he is sleeping well in it and not climbing out (so no risk of hurting himself) then all is well - if it aint broke why fix it?

My DD has just turned 2 and she's in a cot and will be for at least another six months, maybe longer - I like the fact that she cant get out... yet smile If she starts climbing out then we'll reassess but its plenty big enough for her to sleep in, she cant fall out and sleeps well - that's the main thing.
I would have left my son in his cot until he was 16 if I could have! I totally agree with the pp. If he's climbing out then it's a risk to leave him there ... but you can soon stop that anyway by putting a sleeping bag on. Enjoy him sleeping well!!

Noodle 24/12/05 Mops 03/11/07

hi Julie,

Nah, DS is not too old for his cot. DD, just a bit over 2.5 years is still in her cot too. I plan to keep DD in her cot for as long as she can as I don't want her wandering around at night time.

DD does sleep in a single bed in the day, but I just ask her if she wants to sleep in the cot or the bed and it is then her choice. At the beginning she didn't want to have anything to do with the bed, but now, she is ok with it during the day. Maybe offer the bed as well as the cot and then it is up to him which he wants to sleep in.

yeah, that's what we did with DS too, and he would often choose the cot anyway. Eventually he spent more time in the bed and we just took the cot away.

Noodle 24/12/05 Mops 03/11/07

Does your cot have a removable side?? Sometimes this is the first step to getting them used to a bed, but if you dont feel like the cot is a problem, then it's not! smile

keep em in as long as u can i say. both mine were climbing out at around 21 months, so this bub will be kept in as long as possible. fingers crossed.

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