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Day sleep dilema Lock Rss

my 19 1/2mth old son is trying to drop his day sleep ( I think) I put him down to bed at 12:30 or 1pm and yesterday he spent an hr talking and playing until finally he went to sleep by then it was 2pm and I had to wake him at 3pm. today He went to bed at 1250 and at 2 pm I gave up putting him back to bed and got him up. He is happily playing outside now. ANy suggestions to encourage him to sleep in the afternoon - I'm not ready to have him up all day -I need his sleep!!!

No suggestions sorry... Just to let you know you are not alone - my almost 19 mo did the same to me today - chatted & played in his cot for 1 1/4 hours, I gave up and got him up. We had to go out to a Xmas party so I didnt get a chance to try again later (as I would have). It is the first time he has gone the whole day with no sleep.... He was exhausted though and went to bed and sleep at 6pm!!! Hope you have better luck tomorrow.... (and me too!!!)

Suz, NSW

My 21 month old daughter has been trying to cut out her day sleep for a few months now. I've just learnt to accept it. She tends to miss one day sleep, but will normally have a good sleep the next day of 2-3 hours. I don't think there is much you can do to encourage them to sleep during the day. I know my little one is very determined and there have been many a time that I've put her down and she's talked and played for over an hour. If she's tired she will sleep. The plus side is that she sleeps well at night.

Stacey, VIC, mum 2 toddler and one on way

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