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not sleeping outside his bed Lock Rss

Hi all...

I've got a sweet little lad of nearly fourteen months who has always settled well... except for when we are out. I don't know if it's the fact that he associates his cot with sleep or if it's my fault for reading his little moods and seeing that he's tired and putting him to his bed or what. He's never fallen asleep unless he's absolutely exhausted as you see some little ones do on their own.

The biggest problem is when we're out and he's sooo obviously tired. I've tried putting his sheepskin and teddy etc that he takes to bed in the portacot, but he just screams untill he's that tired he claps out but saying that it's usually at least an hour before that happens. NOT the nicest when you're out at friends. My husband and I both get quite uptight about it, and it gets to the stage where we feel bad and just want to go home.

Mum suggested that maybe I'm to blame because I've been putting him to his bed when I've seen that he's tired he hasn't learnt that feeling tired is actually that and he should go to sleep. Sol ast week I tried keeping him up. NO GO... the little monster lasted all day with no sleep until I gave in after 3 tumbles in the space of half an hour and put him to bed at 10pm the first night. I tried this for three days with the same sort of result. We went around to friends on Saturday night and the fuss still happened. But our friends (bless them) were very tolerant (ours is the first bub in our group of friends) and the screaming stopped eventually... al be it for about an hour still and when I went to check on him the poor little guy was asleep.

I just feel so dreadful and mean doing it like this and it's kinda getting to the point where our visits get wound up when he gets tired.

Does anyone else have or have had this ... any suggestions?

Jacqui... 2 boys with another on the way

my son was such a bad sleeper that i got strict about sleeping and as soon as he was tired he went straight to sleep in his cot, now bed. The only othe rplace he will sleep is in his travel cot which is usualy at nannies, but he will sleep in it in the middle of a park! lol
so perhaps a travel cot 1 day a week in a dif room might help him adjust, then u could take this to ur fineds houses. just an idea anyway. My boy is 15 mths

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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