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3 year old and day sleeps Lock Rss

Hopefully 3 years old is not too old for this forum, but I really didnt know where else to go before I get professional help. Ive practically dug myself into a whole with my daughters sleeping routines. Night sleeps are fine, day sleeps are a huge problem. She will sleep during the day at day care within 5 minutes no problem. At home it is a totally different story. I breastfed until 20months and she would sleep after that. My next stage was to try sleeping her but 2-3 hours of trying is definately way too much, and doesnt seem worth it. As that plan and my technique which works at nights wonderfully failed. I discovered that she would easily fall asleep in the car while driving, then I would carry her into her bed at home. This we did for over a year. Yes I know shock horror, but its what worked and kept us both sane and happy. Now the problem is I am pregnant again and cant lift a 16kg child everyday to her bed. I stopped doing this 2 months ago. I have stopped trying to sleep her so she is up all day. But it seems this isnt the solution, she definately needs a sleep, usually 2 hours, and is difficult to feed, bath, and everything else. Help, I really dont know how to get my daughter to sleep during the day, she drives me nuts, and Im the one who needs a good sleep after hours of trying. If you guys dont have any suggestions even a suggestion of a professional would be great. I am in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. Thanks so much.

Catrinna, VIC, 17mth baby

Hi, Sorry to hear what you're going through. I found from experience that my son was the same so what I ended up doing was keep him busy during the day - lots of outdoor activities during the mornings and lunch, then by mid-afternoon he would get tired and grizzly so I would then have lots of quiet time reading books, and watching his favourite dvd. At that time it gave me time to make dinner and feed him by 5.30pm. Bath would be straight after that, then 1/2 hour of his favourite dvd then he's usually in bed by 6.45-7pm. He would fight us about it but he would eventually give in and fall asleep. Sounds easy but it was really difficult for a couple of weeks, but the key is to stick to this routine and not change it until it works for you. Other than that, I'm sorry I don't have any other advice.

Mum to toddler

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