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not sleeping long enough Lock Rss

Hi, ive got a 14 month old toddler who wont sleep longer than 8 hours every night sometimes less. He will wake up then he will move in bed with us and sleep again. If not he will just cry for atleast an hour. Does anyone have any idea on how to make my son sleep longer without waking up after 8 hrs or less? Your response will be greatly appreciated.
Hey how r u? im susie im a first time mum and pregnant with my 2nd child due in dec, i have the exact same problem with my 2yr old daughter ive taken her 2 sleeping places but worked 4 a little while but not long after that, ive got 2 the stage where she wont go 2 sleep untill i snuggle with her and rock her 2 sleep, i put on a dull lamp beside her bed and left it on for the night and she seemed 2 sleep better, i think all kids love 2 sleep with there parents its just the matter of getting them out of it, i thought she might of been just scared of the dark, or i lye down with her 4 bout 5 mins she falls back asleep in her own bed so then i go back 2 bed, anyways i hope i have helped u out

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Hi susie and thanks for the reply. I will try doing that in the next few weeks and i hope it can work for my son too. He is getting better though most of the time, its just that he's waking hours vary sometimes and it annoys me and my husband bec he will then move with us and he is uncomfortable about sharing bed with us. He loves cuddling me in bed, its just the space i think that makes him uncomfortable. Thanks again and goodluck with your next one.
thats ok anytime i hope i was some help, i dont think anyones child is perfect, yea she loves 2 kick me and my boyfriend (daddy) out of bed she would b more happy if she had the whole bed 2 herself, i even tried 2 put some dolls and teddys beside her incase she did wake up in the nite she could cuddle them thinkin it was me, hey it was worth a try but no luck with that 1, i mite even put some clothing of mine on her pillow so she can smell me, anythin 2 get a good nite sleep haha

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hi susie
thanks again. well elijah is sleeping for atleast 10hrs every night. i think the problem then was that he was getting a bit cold in the middle of the morning. so itried to put the heating temp up and it worked. i even stopped giving his dummy at night and tonight's the second night and it seems working. well its a bit cold these days here in canb, we even had snow at the hills.
if you wanted to chat once in awhile, you can send me an email on [email protected]

hey thats great news u wouldnt believe that they dont sleep for the weirdest of reasons, by the way how old r u? me and my boyfriend just got a new house we move in on the 8th august, that has ducted heating maybe i mite try it aswell i no how u feel, for a good nite sleep i would try anyhting, ive tried 2 get rid of the dummy in the nite but no go its not a big issue 2 get rid of it at the moment anyways she only has it when she goes 2 bed when she wakes up she gives it straight 2 me, i think i mite try the give it 2 ur brother trick (by the way im having a boy) it hopefully mite work well i hope 2 hear from u soon take care

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dear susie
thanks for the reply. im 29. i did let biggi(his nickname) have his dummy at night the last few days before i finally got rid of but he gets so dependent on it and its annoying sometimes. thank goodness theres no drama afterwards. i still breastfeed him before he goes to bed at night and I think thats why i didnt have any troubles at all. He drinks milk from his cup only during the day and only in the morning.
ohh and congrats about your boy..coming:) and when are you due again? how are the house prices like over there? well we have been lucky to buy ours bec theres no way we can afford to buy one at the moment. our house's price has more than doubled in the last 2 years since we bought it.
sorry about the delay with this reply. i just dont get to chance to check this site all the time. my email is always faster i think. whats your email??
regards to everybody..
Hey thats kool the only time i get to come on aswell is when madisons asleep or watching a video, im due on the 8th dec thanx heaps 4 the congrats, even still though i think it would b easier 2 give up breastfeeding instead of the dummy my daughters dependant on her dummy expecially at nite time thats the only time she has it (thank-god) well by the way my email addy is [email protected] it would b good 2 hear from u, r u planning on more yet? the prices r pretty expensive we r just moving in2 a pretty much brand new house bout 1 yr old were only renting cause we carnt afford 2 buy at the moment, were paying $190 a week its 3 bedrooms ensuite double garage, if u were 2 buy depends on where u look 4 something decent atleast $200,000 but mostly more anywyas hope 2 hear from u soon

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