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No Day Sleep and waking early Lock Rss

Hi my 2 1/2 year old refuses a day sleep unless I lie with him him my bed and hold him down he cries for about 10mins and then falls alsleep, but hes to cranky without one. ALso he wont go to bed at night until 8.30pm at the earliet and thats even if I skip his day nap and hes up by 6am. which is not enoght sleep for him.any ideas on how to get him to have day nap, goto bed eariler and/or sleep in later even 7am would be ok'

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

We have/ had this problem

1. DS will not have a daytime nap, but i get him to rest quitely for a while during the day. I put a tv in his room and let him watch a DVD of his choice durint the day but only if he lays on his bed quitely. Half the time if he is really tired he will fall asleep, BUT ONLY because I wasn't telling him he had to!

2. I give him a bath in Johnsons Bed time bath just before BT, & let him watch Tv for an hour if he had a nap that day but only 1/2 hour if no nap!
Send him to bed that hour befor his bedtime] We find that he is usually asleep within fifteen minutes to halfhour of sending him to watch tv in bed.

I think it only because he thinks he is getting his own way, becacue we're nolonger making a fuss for him to go to sleep
It's his choice or so he thinks! He hasn't worked out he's been getting sent to bed at seven rather than eight ! ]
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