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2yr old who doesn't sleep by himself Lock Rss

Hi my 2yr old won't sleep by himself, it all started about two months ago, i think lol.
Usually i have to stay in his room until he falls asleep, which can take about an hour cos he checks to see if i'm still there. He then wakes up about 1 to 2 hours later crying and it all starts again, usually it gets to about 1am by that time i'm so tired that i let him sleep with me. He also won't sleep in his bed during the day, so he has a sleep on his pull-out sofa in the lounge room.
I think it started around about the same time he started preschool but i don't know if it's related.
Would love to hear from anyone with some advice.
Hi Belinda,
Cant help you but your not the only one my little man who is 2yrs is doing the same for the last 2weeks he wants to sleep in my bed at the moment i am letting him because went to doctors on sat and he has an ear infection so i dont wont to upset him but when he gets better i will try putting him back in his bed he has never been like this before even when he has been sicker other times so like you i hope it is a phase. If its not one thing its another they sure keep us on our toes.

Good luck i hope it gets better for you too


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hi Belinda.

My son had two hernia ops (1 at 2.5mths and the other at 7 months) from this time he has become part of my bed at night. Everytime I walk with him into his room and get near his cot he screams. He won't go near it so it was easier to keep putting him to sleep with me. (Helps when hubby works nights).

Anyway Luke is now 20months and I've had enough. I watched Supernanny the other night (repeat about a 2yr old that would not go to sleep in his cot). I too like the person on the show would lay on the lounge until he went to sleep. Anyway these past 3 nights I've adopted the supernanny technique.

Lay my son in his cot and sit on the floor near the doorway. It's only taken 45min and 30 mins to get him to lie down and go to sleep on his own. It's very hard to sit and listen to his crying Mummmmy Mummmmmy but I am determined to get it right, I need my sleep. Luke does wake after an hour too, but I go back into his room, don't look at him, re-assure him it's ok and sit back on the floor and don't give eye contact, and go through the whole process again. It's getting shorter and shorter to get him to sleep each night. I'm giving myself a week and hopefully all will be dandy....Fingers crossed.

Luke used to have his daytime naps in his playpen along with having a bottle at night in their too and sometimes fall asleep in this. I have folded the playpen up and put it away. Luke has his bottle on his foldout lounge now but thats it. (NO sleeps).

I know this doesn't give you much advise but I can tell you, I had a toddler who hated his cot and hasn't slept a day in it for 12 months. Things can change, it's never too late.

I found this supernanny technique and a little patience goes a long way.

Good luck.

Hi Belinda,
How are things going now?
A change in routine or life can really disrupt a small child. My DD had been sleeping through in her own bed until our DS was born. Now she usually wakes once a night and ends up in bed with us (4 in a bed!) It is slowly getting better and some nights she spends all night in her own bed.
Perhaps with some time and patience your son will get used to sleeping in his own bed again.
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