Ok, im sure theres tons of mums out there going through the same dilema at the moment 'to wean or not to wean' from dummy.

Shes 1 next week and for the last few months the dummy is more of a nucsiance than a pacifier.

1. She throws it out of cot then screams for it til i go back in & get it... so annoying she'll go for hours & hours if i dont go in & give it to her just crying/sobbing.

2. She throws it in car (even if on chain pulls it off) then throws at me while im driving often hitting me in head...not good!

3. She looses it at nite still cant find herself crys till i get up to find it sometimes about 5x a nite!

but when i take it off her she looses it tantrums & all. especially in shops & car when out.... we have a "chat" about the 'yummy' going bye bye she puts it in the container herself, we say 'gone now'....i show her its going in bin. hoping she'll understand (dont worry its never really in bin i wouldnt do that then give back to her)

She wont even settle to sleep if i sit beside cot & pat her for hrs, i can leave her to control cry but thats unsucessful. so any tips highly appreciated .....

shes got a fave cuddly that she sleeps with too, and a baby doll.....

Love to hear from others going through it or gone through it... BEC