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Won't sleep through the night! Rss

My daughter is 16 months and almost always wakes every night between 3am and 4am.No idea why.Her room is not cold,and she wears appropriate pjs for this time of year.She shouldn't be hungry as she eats a good dinner and has a milk bottle before going to sleep.She is still in a cot,and can be a restless sleeper,rolling across from side to side.I do try and let her resettle herself but when it gets too loud or goes on abit too long,I will go into her as I don't want her to wake up her sister (age 6) and her dad who has to work early starts.Does anyone have a 16 mth old that sleeps through?? I would have thought she should be at this age!!!!

Mum to two gorgeous girls!

My son now 21 mths, goes through times like this. Generally its when hes getting sick, but the early morning wake ups tend to happen when he is teething.

My gp once told me that if they are teething it can hurt there ears and then the colder air in the early morning may make it worse for them.

Just a thought.. sorry not too much help.

I have a 2 year old now!!

Sorry I can't offer much advice, as our DD is still not sleeping through and she is 23 months old!!


Louise - mum to toddler Cadence smile]


I am having the same trouble with my 15 month old son, he wakes every morning between 4.30am & 5am he used to sleep through until 6am but since we moved house this has been the norm, my partner and I have taken to bring him into bed with us, but it is reaching a point that we are looking for ideas to keep him in bed for longer. most nights he has a good dinner and then bottle, but if he is overtired due to no afternoon nap he won't each much of his dinner so we often put his waking up down to being hungery. most morning he will go straight back to sleep as soon as he is in bed with us. any ideas would be greatly appreciated
My DS1 didn't sleep through til he was 3yrs. Now a bomb could go off in his room and he'd sleep through.
DS2 (17mths) does not sleep through the night and will wake atleast twice.

Daniy, VIC

Don't worry, my DS is 17 months yesterday and only sleeps through maybe once a week, and that is only when he has eaten a lot and slept well during the day. He usually wakes for a drink about the same time as yours, and I usually give it to him. I notice that sometimes he wakes twice for a drink, and I think it is a growth spurt, or teeth, or he is getting sick (and therefore doesn't eat well).
I wouldn't be too concerned about her not sleeping through yet (although it would be nice wouldn't it!!) I was told by my GP that we shouldn't expect it until they are at least 3, as there are so many things that can affect their sleep. Just be grateful that she only wakes once, read some of the posts and it will make you feel better.

How much does your little one sleep? I was told by a family daycare lady that I was interviewing that he sleeps too much (he has two sleeps still, the morning one is 1 and a half to two hours and the afternoon one is usually at least an hour, sometimes more.)
my dd is 16 months and has slept through since 12 months. Before this she was a shocking sleeper, waking every couple of hours.. we decided that she was just doing it out of habit, which may be what your dd is doing at the moment. she is used to waking up at this time and her little self-timer just wakes her up as she thinks she's supposed to!
In the end I was so exausted with my dd that we simply had to bite the bullet and let her cry herself back to sleep. I had tried EVERYTHING else and nothing worked. Even though I hate the 'self settling' thing it is the only thing that worked for us. I was suprised that it only took 3 nights of crying herself back to sleep and from then on she has slept through EVERY single night until now! You may be suprised that it doesn't take as long as you think - I've heard many people say this.
I think that going into them is what they want you to do, so when you go in it's like rewarding them and confirming that they are supposed to wake up.
Hopefully it gets better for you soon.
[Edited on 09/07/2008]

I have 20 month old twin boys and was also having sleep problems until I read the book "Save our Sleep" by a lady Tizzie Hall (or something similar). Out of all the baby books I read, this really worked for us. It provides a strict routine during the day and a basically stipulates a 5pm dinner time, followed by a bath at 6pm and bottle at 6.40pm and bed by 7pm and no later. The idea is that baby will sleep soundly until 7am or later. After a few days, we had success with our boys (although they were a bit younger, so you may have to percievere for a bit longer). Best of luck!
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