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Going to sleep problems Lock Rss

Hello, I have a 26 month old daughter and we made the mistake of not getting her into a sleep routine early. We did try but she would get so upset and make her self sick everywhere so that buy the time id got her showered and changed she was wide awake. instead we have let her go to sleep in the living room with us which is starting to get tiring as some nights she will fight it till 9-10pm.We would like to be able to get her to sleep earlier and in her bed but have we left it too late. Does anyone have any tips? I find a bathtime routine just seems to wake her up more. Cheers!!

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

I have found setting up a quiet time before bed has helped us with our son. I bath my kids around 4 pm give them dinner by at the latest 5:30 pm then let them play till around 6:30 - 7pm I then tell them him it is quiet time, he gets his winnie the pooh couch & a hot milk we put a video on for him. If he gets off his couch it's bed time straight away, but if he stays, then I give him to about 7:30pm but warn him 5 mins prior that he will be going to bed. I have never given in to him by this & yes at first he used to try it on with screaming, getting sick everything, but once he knew it wasnt going to work I haven't had a problem with him since. I hope this may help you & good luck.
Hi there loubielou,
i to had that problem with my 11 mth old soon to be one she just did not want to go to sleep on her own she wantted to be rocked and it was trying , i started to change little things in her routine you can trying haveing her bath time in the late afternoon and giving her a early dinner about 5pm and before bed time about an hour you could sit down and read her a story that has lots of colours and things for her to look at and then i was told to put some soft medation music on in her room on soft while you are reading then when you kiss and tuck her in at night you say to her you love her and it is time for nite nites and walk out...
I don't know wheather any of this will help you but it did for me it took time to get her into a routine she was not realy into the stories as she is little but the music she loves...
Hope it helps..
HI Genny..
It sounds like you run the say sort of routine as me and it works for me Katelyn now is in bed by 7.30pm some times 8.00pm and it makes my job alot easier ,, Great addvice hon...
Hey loubielou
we let our son fall asleep with us in the lounge but we found the trick to get him to sleep early was to turn out all the lights and only have the tv going.
We have also found out not to put his shows on as he fights sleep to stay up and watch them. So its what we want to watch and he gets board and goes to sleep

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

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