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Does anyone sit with their child and NOT mind? Lock Rss

Hi, my toddler goes to sleep by himself after a 15 min story time at night as I have a new baby, BUT I do put him to sleep at lunchtime, I read and sing and it takes 30 mins, but always worth the effort....nice to have a cuddle and 30 mins alone with him!

I love cuddling up next to my dd till she falls asleep, since she recently started sleeping in her " big girl bed" , i cuddle up and we read a book together then i turn her lamp off and stay in bed with her till she falls asleep which usually takes about 10-15 mins and she is asleep all night till 7.30am. I don't mind it at all, it really works for us and the snuggles i absolutely love..

I am the same, although my DS is 3.5yrs! Every night we hop into my bed and read about 4 stories, then have a kiss goodnight, we both roll over and I lay with him until he goes to sleep. It is usually within a few minutes, and being so pregnant and tired I often fall asleep with him at the moment! Then we carry him to his bed. Having a very demanding 19mth old I often feel my eldest misses out during the day, so I love to have that special one on one time with him at night.
My 19mth old has always been a terrible sleeper compared to his brother, and CC does not work with him. I sometimes have to stay with him and rub his back til he falls asleep, would rather do that than listen to him scream for an hour or so.

DS1 19/01/05 DS2 09/02/07 DD1 04/11/08

I thought i had already posted but maybe it didnt work.
Well Monday and Tuesday night the best thing happened well sort of. Wyatt went to bed awake and fell asleep on his own with no crying. I felt a little lost. Tonight he fell asleep in my arms but he has conjuctivitus so i let him.

i still cuddle my dd to sleep just about every time day sleep & every night. I don't mind at all. I get people telling me how bad it is but i just figure it gets her to sleep & she stays that way all night so i'd rather do it then be up with a crying baby or walking up & down the stairs 50 times tryint to calm her down to sleep. If it works for you then do it. I love the closness of it. i BF till she weaned herself at around 9 months & keeping the cuddles up when going to sleep meant i still got to keep the closness up.
I believe there is no right or wrong way to put a toddler to bed, you just do what you want to do. Ds has never been a good sleeper and either dh or I sit with him and read a few books then sit on the bed and sing him a lullaby till he falls asleep. He has just turned two and in my opinion is still little.

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