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Constant night waking!! Help! Lock Rss

James is now 15 months old, and we have only had 3 nights during this time that he has not woken up during the night. Generally he will wake at least twice or more. He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm and also has a 2hr sleep during the day. He usually wakes anytime after 5am (it does vary a bit). I try to stretch him untill 6:30am if possible.
It's usually 24deg at night here so getting cold is not an issue, and he sleeps without covers & a fan on as we do.
He always wakes around 9 -10pm, midnight, and early hours of the morning. Sometimes just a drink of water settles him, sometimes he cries for a little while, and other times he's very persistent crying off & on for an hour! I judge wether to attend to him by what kind of cry he makes, and I try to give him a chance to settle back to sleep himself most of the time.
I realise that last week he has been sick, and at some other times it is likely due to teethng, but it still shouldn't happen all the time!
Getting to sleep generally isn't a problem, and he doesn't have a dummy anymore, we eliminated it about a month ago as I thought that was a likely problem, but the waking has continued since.

So any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated. Or tell me of your similar experiences and at what age you have overcome this problem. I need some hope that he will start sleeping through before our next one comes along, or ideas on how I can help encourage him to.

Would seeing somebody at a child health centre be a good idea?

Thanks in advance,


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Kristina,

Do you have a contact number I could call you on to give you some advise?

Please let me know or you can call me on 0414-633894. Hope to discuss this issue with you soon.
Hi Kristina,

Do you have a contact number I could call you on to give you some advice?

Please let me know or you can call me on 0414-633894. Hope to discuss this issue with you soon.
Hi Kristina, sounds like i could have written this post!! I have a 13 month old boy who is doing exactly the same thing. (He has a dummy though). I have tried sleeping bags, cos it gets quite cold at night now (in Geelong, Vic.) but that sdeems to have made the prob worse. Last night I was up to him 5 TIMES!!!! Anyway, tonight i am going to try no sleeping bag again & see if that settles him any better. He goes to sleep fine, he just won't stay asleep. It's so frustrating. He used to wake at 5 for a bottle but we cut this out a few months ago, & I am in the process of decidng if I should go through all the hassle of taking his dummy away. It's so easy in the middle of the night to pop it in & thats it. I don't think it's his dummy at the moment that wakes him cos sometimes I go in & he is laying & crying with his eyes closed & his dummy in!! I know I havent been any help to you, but at least you know you're not alone. Keep me posted & let me know how you go. Maybe it will help me out too!!!

Good luck to us!!!!


Michelle - Mum to 2

I have some Great news!

Thanks for all you suggestions Saf, I ended up putting James in to a big bed (well the king single mattress on the floor untill he gets used to it, before putting a bed underneath). He managed to fall out of there four out of five nights so far! But after the second night in there he has started sleeping through!!!!
So I have had 3 nights so far that he has slept through, fingers are still crossed but I think it's for keeps. If I put him down at 6pm he'll be ready to get up at 5am, if hes down 6:30 or 7pm then he sleeps through till 6am. I have heard him stir around 4am, but he pretty quickly settles himself back to sleep. It is absoliutely fantastic!

Thinking back perhaps he didn't have enough room in the cot. There was plenty of room for him to sleep but he tends to move around quite a bit.

It was hard to try & tuck him in on such a big mattress so I haven't really tried that one, but may have to if he continues to move around or fall off. I think now that he is waking up less he is moving around less too!

Also if any Mums would like an extra half an hour in bed, now I tend to put the light on for him (it's still dark at 6am) and he plays with a book and couple of teddies that I leave on his bed. He's free to get up and get all the other teddies sitting on the futon in his room but I find at the moment he stays on his mattress which is great! No doubt when he's a bit older I'll have to shut his door properly of he'll be wondering in and out of the room!

Have you had any success Michy?


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Kristina,

No I haven't, thanks for asking. I took him out of the sleeping bag & the first night he only woke once but since then he has been waking 3 or 4 times again. Last night he woke about 12.30 & he was quite ok when I went in to him but when I left he started to cry, so i just had to leave him for a while. It took an hour grizzling on & off but he finally settled back to sleep & woke at 7.15!!!!! I kept going in to him to settle him & lay him back down & then leave the room. This is what i'm going to do all thru this week & see if it has any effect.

I'm glad you have found a solution but i don't think my boy is quite ready for a bed yet. I see you say your son keeps falling out, have you got a bed rail on the side. When I put my daughter into a bed, just before she was 2, i put the bed against a wall & a rail on the other side, & she never had a problem. You can buy them at most baby stores, k-mart, target, shops like that.(Not sure what you have in NT). Anyway, hope all goes well for you & i'll let you know how I go.

Happy sleeping!!!

Michelle - Mum to 2

Oh I'm not that nasty! We thought of the bed rail thing, but the mattress is on the floor at the moment so that he can get used to that first. There's been a couple of nights without falling off now, but I have laid down a sheepskin and some pillows along the side that isn't against the wall, just incase (tiled floor not carpet!) and after all it is a king single mattress!
I have come up with the idea that he has an affinity with the tiles, first night after I laid the pillows down he fell off right at the bottom end where of course there was nothing! So you can see why we thought the mattress should be on the floor first!
And he would be able to get down off the bed but not back up so we'll probably wait for that untill he's at least 18 - 20 months.

The settling and leaving is about the best thing I could do, and James used to do the hour on and off thing, but I think he mainly used to do it around midnight to 3am ish and from hindsight he had that sort of trouble when he was teething. Otherwise he used to wake up frequently but it wasn't as hard or take as long to settle him.

I think there are just too many variables to worry about!!

Let us know how you go in a weeks time, and the best of luck!!


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

We have a 13mth old little boy who predictably wakes at least once every night, and has done so since I started part time work when he was 5 mths old. He started 2 days a week day care when I went back to work, so I don't know if this all had an effect but he is still waking. We put in a big bed with rails when he was 11mths old (he was walking at 10mths) and he has a little step at the end of the bed to climb on & off the bed. Well, for the first 2 weeks he slept through the night for at least half of those nights - but slowly started waking up again. We have tried a night light on, a night light off-but it doesn't make a difference.
It is now easier for us to get up and bring him into our bed, or my hubbie goes and lies down with him in his bed when he wakes (he wakes anytime between 1am-4am). We are expecting a new arrival in early July, so it will be interesting to see what prevails with the new baby.
When I have said something to my hubbie about it, his reply is that he likes having our son in bed with us-which is ok with me, but I certainly don't want to end up with both children in bed with us.
My son will still have 2 sleeps a day, about 1 1/2 hrs at a time, and goes to bed anytime between 6pm & 8pm-and believe me, he is usually very tired and drops off just like that.
I have never tried the controlled crying at night-he does use a dummy, should we let him cry when he wakes??
Hi heidiblue,

It's such a frustrating subject this sleeping business.!!!
Well as you have read my posts & seen that i am trying some sort of controlled crying during the night well already I have had some success!! The first night was the worst, although I kept going in & settling him again to reassure him, he cried for almost an hour(not hysterically though, i could never do that.) Then the second night he slept until 4.30am then woke & had some water then had a little cry about 30 mins & settled back to sleep & last night he was unsettled (due to a tooth coming thru I think!!) but whenever he woke he grizzled for a minute & then went back to sleep. He seems to have picked it up fairly quickly that I will go & check on him to make sure he's ok & then i will leave the room. It may take a day, a week a month, who knows but we have hardly had a nights sleep since he was born, & I feel that I need to do this. Also I am completely comfortable with the whole controlled crying thing.
Although I am prepared to do this, I cannot tell you that you should or shouldn't do it. It doesn't work for everyone & not everyone agrees with it. It's totally up to you & what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do. If you want to give it a go though, don't let people tell you otherwise. IT'S YOUR DECISION!!
Hope this has helped you in some small way & let me know how you go.


Michelle - Mum to 2


I have the exact problem, my son is 14 months old and he still wakes up allot at night around 4 to 5 times. He sleeps in my bed since he was 3 months due to his reflux which is gone when he was 6 months. Now he never liked his cot even just to play in it .... he would always cry. He wake up around 5.30am but this differ every day almost. I am still breastfeeding him. I tried control crying and could not keep him crying for the thrid night. I gave up and I would never do that again. He is always active, eat less than other kids and does not sleep well. I have his cot converted into toddler bed with one side is removed he can get up and down easily but he if he sees me leaving the room he will follow me...not sure what to do but soon will hopefully stop breastfeeding him and may be he will sleeps better. If any of you know of a good way to get him to sleep during the day or at night please let me know.

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