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when do kids get nightmares? Lock Rss

My 14mth old has started to wake screaming between the hours of 7.30-8.30pm. He won't settle until he is out of his room and although he looks like he would sleep if he could he starts crying again if we put him back in his cot before 30mins has passed. Once, finally back asleep he sleeps through 'til 5.30ish. Do toddlers get nightmares?Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yep, Toddlers can get nightmares, well that is what the doctor told me. We had a similar problem when Haydn was about 2, he woke up one night screaming, still asleep but screaming, and it scared us, he was just shaking, we took him out of his room and he settled but there was no way he was going back into his room. It took a few doctors appts and then a week or so of controlled crying to get him to sleep in his own room again. The solution we got told to try was controlled crying, but leave the door open, don't shut it, and if they walk out, just walk them straight back into their room, it works, it just takes patients and love. Don't talk to them, cuddle them, just put them in bed, pat their backs, and once the screaming is over walk out again. To begin with it seems like it wont work, but consistency is the key.

Goodluck, hope this has helped you a little.

Just thought I would add, that they aren't nightmares, but night terrors...... There is a difference, though I can't remember what that difference is, I think the main difference is the age, they can't tell us what is happening so it isn't a nightmare as such.

Thanks for your help. We haven't had anymore problems recently, but at least we know what to do next time. I take it he'll stop having problems when he can tell us what the problem is?
Yep, that is right, once they can start to tell us what the problem is then our problem will be made alot easier..... it is just waiting till they can tell us that is the hard part. I hate seeing my son wake up screaming and not being able to tell me what the problem is.

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