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Help with sleeping bags Lock Rss

Hi there,

I need some advice regarding those nightime sleeping bags. I have bought one for my little boy and as it is starting to get cold I would like a little advice on how you dress your child. For e.g. do I still put a bodysuit or pyjamas underneath or will he get too hot. Does anyone's child sleep in one and how do you dress him/her? A friend in Victoria said they're marvellous but not too many have them where I live.


HF, NT, 10mth baby

If you brought a cotton one at least it will breathe, so you probably can dress him in pj's. If it's synthetic he may get a bit warmer or sweaty in there.
I noticed you are in NT, I'm in Darwin and since we don't use the air con at night James doesn't sleep in much clothing, but has a ceiling fan on. He won't stay covered with a sheet either so as it gets cooler we'll just dress him warmer I guess.
If it was colder here I would dress him under the sleeping bag in at least a short sleeved bodysuit. It depends on how warm / heavy the bAG you brough is.


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

hi their i had a polar fleece sleeping bag for my son and i used to just put a long sleeve body suit under it with two layers of blankets but once again it would all depend on what type of blankets you use and what the temperture is like. you could probably ask you child health nurse or at a big baby shop as they would either be able to tell you or give you a contact number for someone who would know.
I'm in NSW and lately it's been pretty cold here of a night. I put a jumpsuit underneath my son's sleeping bag. I was putting 2 sleeping bags on him a couple of weeks ago as he wouldn't stay under the blankets, but I think he realises now that he stays warmer under them - I'm sure you wouldn't need to do that in NT. In a post somewhere else - I can't remember where - someone said that if you feel the nape of your baby's neck it gives a good indication of whether they are too hot or cold or just right smile ! I remember the midwives in hospital saying to dress them the same as you but with one extra layer.

Hope this helps
Hi thomas

It really depends on what temperature the room is and what the sleeping bag is made of. The ideal temp for a childs room is 18 degrees. If the bag is made of polar fleece then a long sleeve bodysuit(with legs) and a singlet underneath is enough. Overheating is a major cause of sids as has recently been discovered.If you have any questions just ask because i work for grobag australia

Consider how you are dressing him for bed now. If he is only in a wondersuit, then a short all in one is all he will probably need under a sleeping bag.

Also i guess it depends on the material of the sleeping bag too,

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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