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The process of going from cot to bed - Ideas Please Lock Rss

Hello All,

I have just purchased a single bed and am preparing to move my 17, going on 18 month old daughter to her "big bed"

I am wondering what steps or processes others have taken to ensure a smooth and positive swap over from the cot to big bed for their toddlers?

All ideas and advice greatly appreciated smile

Hello Again,

Seeing as nobody wants to reply to my post on this subject... I thought I'd come back and share my first hand experience instead.

I put my daughter, 17.5 months old into her big bed for the first time lastnight. I tucked her in and said goodnight. She curled up and went to sleep. That was at 7pm...

...At mid night she woke crying and it took me an hour to convince her to stay in bed and go back to sleep. She slept through till 7am this morning and then got out of bed and ran into our bedroom looking pretty pleased with herself.

Today I put her back into her big bed for her afternoon nap and she stayed there and slept for just over 2 hours.

Tonight I put her to bed in her big bed again and she cried for a few minutes and went to sleep... I can't beleive how easy the transition from cot to bed has been so far.

I felt so proud looking in on my tiny girl sleeping soundly in her big new bed... I guess I was just lucky that it has all gone so well, so far...

Michelle smile

Isn't is just a wonderful moment, seeing your little toddler sleeping in a big bed...... One thing though, just means she is growing up and becoming more and more independant, there is probably no looking back now....... I found the only problem with having them in a big bed is they can get in and out when they wont to and wonder into your room at whatever hour, though having them wonder into your room at 7am in the morning and giving you a big kiss goodmorning, makes the day a pleasant one.

So have you got the mattress on the floor or did you put her straight into a bed? and If so have you got a guard rail on her bed? Also, does she get up to mischief if not tired, but in her big bed? I had to put everything out my sons room to start with..... But now, once in his bed, he just goes to sleep.

Hope all goes well.

Hi Heather,

We put Maddy straight up into the bed, (no mattress on the floor), and at the moment I am using the side rail from the cot to keep her safe from falling out till I can get a guard rail this week. She has been really good too. Her second night in the big bed she slept right through to 6am and then came in and woke me all smiles... unfortunatley for me I was still tired, but it was lovely to see my little girls' smiling face. I know now there is no going back and it does make me a little sad, but I know she won't be a baby for ever... and if I can get this big step out of the way without too much drama before the next bub is here in less than 10 weeks, then all the better. I am sure we will have our problems with this transition... trashing her bedroom when not sleeping is a certainty I am sure! I will be sure to let you know how things progress as it is still early days yet...

When did Haydn go into a big bed? And how was your first experience with that?

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle

We put Haydn into a big bed at around 15 or so months I reackon, it was as soon as we realised he was climbing out of his cot, we thought then was a good idea. We put his mattress on the floor to start with and left the cot in the room as well, so we gave him the option of which bed he wonted to sleep in. He always choose the mattress on the floor. The first couple of times his room got trashed, I think it was a novelty that he had freedom, not that he already had that since he could climb out of his cot! So everything got taken out of his room that he could get to, including all creams etc! Not a easy thing to get out of carpets! Eventually we took the cot down and he wasn't worried, and eventually put the mattress on the frame, which was a big step, but we thought he was ready. We didn't put a rail on his bed though, and we have never had a problem with him falling out of bed either. I think we just shoved a few pillows under the mattress so he would roll towards the wall and not the floor. And now, the bed is no more of a novelty, but somewhere to sleep. Though at the moment he doesn't sleep in it, that is another story! I will admit I love having him come into my room and say "goodmorning mummy" in his cheerful voice and getting a wet kiss, it makes it all worth it. How can you get grumpy with that, you can't.

Hi Michelle,
I haven't had any experience with this my, son is 14mths old and I had begone wondering when I should start getting him ready for the tranfer. I have my old bed from my childhood that we keep made up in his room, but his cot is kept in the middle of th room as he tends to kick the wall if he is not quite ready for sleep. I'm mainly worried he may fall out of bed constatly. Are there signs to watch for to know when he's ready?
Hi Ailsa,

I don't think there are any real signs... unless your toddler can climb out of the cot or put themselves in any danger.

I really just decided now would be a good time, as I am due to give birth to our little boy July 30 and I thought 10 weeks would be long enough to get my daughter used to a bed before the next big change comes along in her little life!!!

I think most people put their toddler into a bed between 18 months and 2 years, but as you can see circumstances are different for everybody. As for being worried about your toddler falling out you can get side rails to attach to the bed, or put a mattress on the floor so they can't fall too far. You can also prop the outer side up with pillows to make the bed lean back towards the wall... there are lots of things you can do.

As for when is the right time time, well only you will know - it is about knowing your child and of course letting go knowing they are not a bub anymore... goodluck with the cot to bed transition, hope it goes as well for you as it has for me. wink

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your reply. 15 months... wow that seems early to be climbing out of the cot! You must have an adventurous boy on your hands! We have just started to have a few problems getting little miss to stay in the bed... first 3 days were great, but now she is so confident of climbing out, the minute we leave the room you hear 'thud.... pitter, patter, pitter, patter... rattle, rattle' at the door. So it is time to go back in and put her back into bed. After doing this a dozen times she gets the hint!!!

This morning I was woken by my daughter sticking her finger into my eye and smiling at me... don't you just love it! wink

Thanks for sharing this cot to bed experience with me...

Michelle. smile

hello everyone,
this is just an idea for the question that Ailsa asked about the right time or signs. my 17/18 month old had been sick for about 1 and a half weeks and the only way she would settle was in our bed, this of course sent her great sleeping patteren out the window.
we tried to put her back into the cot in her room that didnt work, brought the cot into our room, that didnt work either, so thats how we decided to put her into the bed.
i wish i had done a little bit more research on this because I dont think she knows whats going on, we put her into her bed and let her cry it out.
the first night she screamed, same the second but a little less, so i am going to go on this theroy and hope it works. Any ideas anyone?
i always seem to be asking "what do i do?" and worrying that ive done something wrong.
she is a late walker only just starting so i dont know if i have done the right thing by her?

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Catherine,

I think you are doing a great job at being a mum... we all worry if we are doing the right thing and sometimes there isn't a right or wrong answer. I think motherhood is a lot of trial and error - seriously anyone who thinks there is a motherhood handbook out there with set rules is crazy. All mother's are different and all babies are different too. That's what makes us all unique and special in our own way.

As for putting your toddler into a bed, I don't think you have done the wrong thing. If your toddler can stand and walk it would certainly be an advantage though. As she might need a little confidence to be in a bigger space to sleep and to be able to climb out if she needs to.

I have found that my daughter while she has tranferred well into her new big bed still has her moments where she will cry and climb out of bed over and over again. But I think that is all part of the new arrangement. Also just by trying a few different things I have found tucking a pillow into the bed beside my daughter makes her feel snug and secure... just another idea to try.

I think toddlers are brighter than we give them credit for sometimes too. They play on the fact that we are anxious about the changes in their tiny lives. You just need to stay consistent and reassurring towards your toddler about the changes taking place. Don't let her crying get you all upset as you are not doing her any harm.

Keep up the great job you are doing and NEVER be afraid to ask questions...

Best of luck,

Michelle smile
thank you for your reasuring words, i think you hit the nail on the haed with right or wrong answers.
i dont know if you have this feeling, but when i was pregnant with Tasmin i read everything i could on everything.
when they are born you are all cashed up on fresh ideas on how things run, you are kind of on auto piolet after a while and things become a patteren. you dont really need to think of new things to get your baby to sleep, drink, eat, treatments. you also calm yourself with the fact that you are new at this and its ok not to know what to do.
after a couple of months of the sameish things, you need to start thinking again and you start to feel anxious, same as someone who didnt read, listen to anyone about what you do with a new baby.
but when youve been a mother for more than a year, you get down on yourself when you dont know the answer.
as you said "You just need to stay consistent and reassurring towards your toddler about the changes taking place. Don't let her crying get you all upset as you are not doing her any harm."
thank you! you are a big help

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

and just for the record you are the first person to say that i am doing a great job! thank you!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

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