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HELP-2yr old DS in and out of bed until asleep Lock Rss

Good Morning!

Just after some advice or suggestions on what I can possibly do with my 2yr old DS!

Day sleep and night times are just a nightmare at the moment. Going to be seems to have become a game so after the usual routine and to bed, he kicks the covers off and as soon as I'm out the door he is out behind me. When I turn around to put him back in, he laughs and runs like I am chasing him. I think he thinks it is a game. I've tried everything, ignorning him and just putting him back in, being firm with him, closing the door (which doesn't bother him and he can open anyway) sitting with him (he yells at me to get out). I'm at my wits end and we are expecting bub number two in 5 1/2 weeks. I was hoping to have this sorted before she arrives.

Any ideas????

Bianca,Tas, Campbell (19/9/2006) & Isabel (12/12/2

Is he tired? Maybe make his bed time later or something so that he's too tired to play around.
Sorry I can't be anymore help.

hi there. i'm in exactly the same boat with my 2 year old. she has always been fantastic at bedtime. UNTIL NOW. it's all just a big game. we've tried everything. we just have to keep putting her back in till she eventually gives up. after reading through a lot of posts i'm beginning to see it's a common problem with this's hoping it's common for the phase to pass quickly!!! wishing you luck. please know that your not alone! and i'm equally as frustrated (being 13 weeks preg is not the ideal time to be dealing with this!)

maya sian 2/12/06, ethan zane 26/6/09

I know this might not be for everyone but it works really well for us. We were having trouble with DS (2.5) staying in his big boy bed, so we decided to hold his door shut for a while after we put him in bed (he's always slept with the door shut anyway). So the first night we tried it he got straight up when we left the room, he tried opening the door a few times but obviously couldn't so he ran back to bed and went to sleep. Some of my family don't agree with this method but we really believed it would work for our DS. We knew we just needed to stop the 'game' of running back and forth.

Just another idea.

My DD is in and out of bed every night and has been like that since she moved into a bed. To save my sanity I put one of the pressure saftery gates across her doorway. She can then get in and out of bed as much as she likes but she can't get out of her room. She usually falls asleep in her doorway and then I pick her up and put her in her bed.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

Hi, we have tried everything, and my DS just wont wond donw enough to get into bed and stay there.. i am lookinga t natural herbs to get him to relax a bit, but dont know what else to do, we also have a newborn so we are totally exhausted. it can take ds2 . 2 hrs to go to sleep, then he is up again at 6am in the morning, so he is only having 9 hrs some nights. and has also dropped day sleeps.. so as u can imagine he has turned feral !
well i'm seriously thinking of a gate across the doorway so maya can't get out of her room. it's driving me nuts! we tried a new tactic the other night....we got her highchair out which she no longer uses and put it in the corner facing the wall where she can't see anything or anyone. anyway when she kept getting up as per usual we just put her in it and left her a while! she couldn't see us but we could keep an eye on her. seemed to work but certainly not a long term solution!!!

maya sian 2/12/06, ethan zane 26/6/09

aww gosh i remember those nights of battling to get my son to sleep night after night after night, trying to hold down a full time job and also being a single mum, i never thought it would end...let me give you all some hope and tell ya's it is a phase ! another one of those lovely stages lol.
i sat with my son and patted him, didn't make eye contact, i turned my face away so that he couldn't see my face at all. eventually it worked...he would kick his legs up, talk, sing, clap his hands etc for about 10-15minutes but i didn't budge, i wouldn't look or talk, just kept patting him...he would give up and go to sleep. i think what made it harder for myself was that when he kicked his legs up etc after a few minutes i would get so frustrated tell him off and walk out of the him the reaction he wanted/attention and i would then have to start all over again when i went back in...he soon learnt that if he kept it up i would eventually walk out of his room and so he would carry on his silly behaviour for half an hour or more. i learnt to really ignore it even if that meant me sitting there for an hour the first few nights and singing songs in my head or counting to a hundred over and over, anything to take my mind off what i was doing and how helpless i felt.

it gets easier, just remember that...then the next phase will come lol. comfort is knowing we are all going through it.
best of luck

Danni, WA,

I got on this site today to try and find an answer to this question myself and am relieved to know its is not just my boys going through this. I have 2yo twin boys who share a room. One child predominately gets out of bed and we proceed with this same 'game'. Lately i have been sitting in their room, in the door way. Every time they lift their head of their pillow i sternly say "lay down" and within 5-20 minutes they sleep and don't move till they wake. i am hoping to get further and further away with time, until they eventually settle to sleep like they used to. My frustrations are with you!
i came on here to find an answer to the exact same question, my 2 yr old DS is in and out of bed for hours, the other night it went on untill 2am when i lost it, i said look mummy need some sleep to now get in your bed and dont move, i yelled so loud its a wonder i didnt wake the neighbour but being a single mum i didnt know what to do and had had enough.
i have tried sitting with him, patting him, reading, sitting on the floor not looking, sitting on a chair in his doorway not looking and NOTHING is working.
it is good to know that im not alone and hopefully it is just a fase, i have tried making his bedtime later thinking he isnt tired, cuttin gout day naps so by bedtime he is tired but neither worked
A gate on the door is my answer.
DS is in his room now supposed to be having his sleep. He still gets out of bed most of the time and yells out, whinges etc, but he can't come out of his room so I just ignore him and he eventually gives up.
Nights are pretty good now, days are still a bit of trouble because it is light so he play with stuff and pulls all his clothes out etc. But I still just ignore him.
It is still frustrating when he doesn't go to sleep, but atleast with the gate I can go and do dishes or cook etc and am not spending hours putting him back in bed.
Then when he is eventually asleep I will go in and open the gate so he can come out when he wakes.

So glad we aren't the only ones. My DS turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and we moved him into a single bed a few months ago. Night bed time is a disaster since he can just get out of bed and come and join us in the lounge room. It's so frustrating, especially when you know he's exhausted. We've cut out his day time sleep most days to try and help this, but it hasn't worked. The only way to get him to fall straight to sleep is to lay in bed with him and then he's usually asleep in 10 mins. This is not an option i'm happy with though since he's never had sleep issues before. I admit some nights i'm so tired and hanging out for him to sleep that I just lay in there with him so I can have a break once he's asleep. However we are due to have a baby in a weeks time so this will no longer be an option (nor do I want it to be).

I think a gate on the door will be the best idea and we'll just have to make sure any breakables, and rip-able books are out of reach. I know the toddler taming book suggests putting rope around their bedroom door handle and attaching it to another door so they can open the door, but not actually fit out.

Good luck everyone, thanks for your suggestions.

Mummy to Hamish - 18.12.05 & Callum 13.01.09

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