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Bedtime Tantrums Lock Rss

My 3 year old daughter is just about impossible when it comes to bed time. I have a routine i follow religiously which includes dinner, bathtime, getting dressed and singing songs, reading a story then time to go to sleep. I have been doing this for the last 12 months yet as soon as it comes to the sleep part then the tantrum start. Yelling, screaming, abusiveness including kicking and throwing things. I have tried laying with her, ignoring it and doing other things to occupy her quietly but to no avail. I am getting to the end of my tether with this same thing night after night. If anyone can offer me some advice i would be extremely grateful.
Thanks for the advice heidi. I will indeed give it a go. Something has to give sooner or later so maybe this incentive scheme will work. Although i had used an incentive scheme before i never thought of using it as a bed time thing. Thanks heaps
hey sydymin
We dont bother with the go to bet and go to sleep your self youl find most kids think they are being left out once thay are in bed.
We have dinner get our pjs on and turn out the light and watch tv my son soon gets board and falls sleep
We do the same thing every night and there is no screaming matches and everyone is happy
Hope this might give you another idea

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

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