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Will my toddler sleep through the noise my newborn will make? Rss

Hello Mum's,

Just wondering how things will be once my next baby is born in about 8 weeks time... Will my toddler sleep through the crying and noise a newborn will create...?

My toddler is a pretty good sleeper but always wakes up when her daddy is getting ready for work at 6.30 - 7am. I am wondering how a new baby and new sounds in the house will affect my toddler.

Any thoughts to share on this...?

Trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead.


Hi Michelle

When I bought my daughter home I thought exactly the same thing although my son sleeps through anything.Your daughter will be fine & she will tune out to the new baby after a while.Don't go tip toeing around when she is asleep or she will never get used to his crys.
Now I have the problem of my son making so much noise that my daughter will wake.

Good Luck not long to go now


Gee isn't it funny, I have been thinking exactly the same thing, so can't give any advice on topic. I have just over a week to go and am in a mad panic wondering whether my near 3 year old will sleep through the night when I bring the newborn home. I think he will, he is a fairly heavy sleeper like his father and nothing seems to wake him up! I am guessing eventually the toddler will adapt to the change and not wake up during the night. Maybe at first cause it is something different, but give it time, and your toddler may just sleep through a screaming newborns noise. I am hoping this will be the case. Will let you know how I go in a week or so time!

Hi Michelle,

Yes your daughter will sleep thru!!!!

I thought the same thing when i came home from hospital with my son. I was so worried that his crying would wake her, only to find that she slept thru the lot. Then we went to queensland in feb this year & we all slept in the one bedroom & the first night my son, Nicholas, (then 10 months) had a bad night, & was crying quite histerically & Georgia slept thru it all. She just rolled from one side to the other & never worried about it!!!

On the flip side, I was worried that my newborn wouldn't sleep during the day cos Georgia was making too much noise!!!! You can't keep a toddler quiet(as you would know) so i just had to let her be herself & he has been a great day sleeper. It never bothered him. She makes so much noise & we were keen not to tiptoe around for him & that really helped I think.

Hope this helps put your mind at ease a little, I know what a worrying time it is when you have your second & how daunting everything can seem, but believe me it all falls into place.......................eventually!!!!!!! (lol)


Michelle - Mum to 2

I hope everyone's right on this one as I am also due in 3.5 weeks and have a toddler. We are starting with the baby in our room as I figure even if the crying in the night doesn't wake George, turning on the light for the obligatory nappy change after feeding would wake him. Once the baby is a bit more settled will try them in the same room, by then we will know how he does react to baby wails.
He is a pretty good sleeper at night (unless he removes his covers and gets cold), so hopefully he'll sleep through the whole thing.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Thanks mum's once again for all your reassurances. With just 8 weeks to go now I am getting rather anxious as to how everything is going to go when I bring baby home.

You must be getting excited now Sable with only 3.5 weeks to go. I hope you are prepared...

It is nice to hear from mum's who have been through the situation of a toddler and newborn and to know that things should be okay... well here's hoping my toddler will continue to be a good sleeper too.

Thanks again everybody smile

I'll let you know how we go... plus would love to hear back from you Sable after you get bub home.

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,

Firstly congratulations and goodluck for the next few months. smile

I agree with what everyone else has said, but just wanted to add another idea. I usually have a radio going, just to cut out any loud noises. It is not loud, it just creates some noise so they don't hear everything else that is going on.

The hardest times i find are going to sleep, so we put No2 in first, then do No1's stories. This gives No1 at least 10mins silence while he falls asleep.

Thinking of you over the next few months,

Take care,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks Tepe,

I will keep your ideas in mind, especially the radio for background noise... I think that is a good idea.

Well it's 7 weeks and counting till EDD.

Michelle grin

I was so worried about this too as my son is not a very good sleeper at the best of times, but amazingly he slept better than us! I think that is because they don't have the responsibility that us parents do...we wake with every noise, not matter how quiet!

Maddy will be fine, from what you say she is a good little sleeper!

She may be a little restless at first but she will adapt to the noise!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Michelle

I said I would reply to this one once again once my little bundle of joy arrives, so here goes.

Aimee is just over 2 weeks of age and cries during the night only for feeds, but am finding so far (cross fingers it stays like this) that Haydn just sleeps through the screams, even during the day when he is napping, he will sleep through her screams. Didn't know how it would go, but so far so good, am happy with it. The most he would do when she is screaming is to comfort her then go back to bed.

Hi Nadine and Heather,

Thanks for your replies here.

Heather, I am happy to hear that things are going well for you. It is quite reassuring for me to hear that there is a good chance my toddler will sleep through her newborn siblings cries.

With the amount of insomnia I have had latley and my movements around the house at the hours of 2 and 3am disturbing my daughter I am confident she will be just fine.

Not long now and I will know first hand how things are going to be. I will come back in the next few weeks and tell you all how it is going.

Thanks again,

Michelle (24 days till my EDD and counting...)
Oopps... meant to say NOT disturbing my daughter.

That would make a lot more sense now wouldn't it.

Michelle :}

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