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please help, im tired Lock Rss

Lil is 22mths old and i have a 3 wk old. Lil used to sleep at 7.30-8.30 and wake at 6-7, now i am lucky to get her to bed by 9.30 with a couple of 10 or 11pm nights, and coming in my bed at about 2am not settling back in hers, with my new born doing 4hr feeds at night i soo tired.

lil has a sleep during the day anywhere from 1-2hrs, on days when its been less no change. she has been in a big bed for 6mths now, the only change is the new bubs. 2 teeth to still come through.
please help
Oh hun, i really sympathise with you. Is there any way you can get a family member, like your mum or a sister around to watch the kids while you have a nap through the day. With your eldest if she is expecting teeth, it is just difficult and i find i usually have to work around her rather than find a solution till her teeth are through.

Are you able to nap when both the bubs are down through the day, even if it is just a short power nap?

most days i get a nap, although by 9pm im tired again and lil just wont settle, she now dances around the lounge room for hours and hours, i wonder where her off switch is. i dont know where she gets all her energy
I was sooooooooo glad to read your post! I was coming onto the huggies forum because i was going insane and needed an outlet and some advice. My eldest son is 22 months and i have a 5 month old who is still waking every 4 hours for feeds (can't figure out why). James (22 mo) was going to bed at 8:30 and waking at 9-9:30. All of a sudden over the last two weeks he's sleeping later, waking every time i go in for a night time feed (rooms are next door to eachother) and then waking up at 5 or 6am wanting to play! Last night he woke up at 4am and stayed away till 6am. Was so tired throughout the day... it's hard to be productive. James is also in a bed and has recently figured out he can get down on his own and wander through the house.
In short, i don't have an answer for you but i'd love to hear one too from anyone who has been through this!
Hi Ladies,

I feel for all of you. I went through the same thing when my second was born. My first was 19mths when my second was born and he was sleeping well. Once my second son was born he started waking through the night and not settling I was exhaused, there seemed like there was nothing I could do - and there wasn't (I don't think)!!! But as time passed he settled down and started sleeping again. Mum mum used to have my first son overnight occasionally so I got a bit more sleep through the night, maybe you could try that if your mum or someone will have her. I don't really know what to suggest. I'm STILL having sleep trouble and my first son will be 3 on Monday and my second will be 17mths tomorrow!!!! I'm usually up anywhere between 1 to 5 times through the night sometimes I'm even up for 2 hours with my 17mth old!!!! I don't know what to do either. All I keep telling myself is surley this isn't forever!!!

Goodluck ladies

from a very exhaused Mum
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