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12month and screams all night Rss

Hi, my daughter has just turned one and her sleeping has totally changed. When she goes down for her evening sleep she'll sleep until about 10 and then wake up and scream. The only way we can carm her down is if we pcik her up. Even if we sit down with her in our arms she'll scream. And let me tell you she can scream for ages. I placed her in our bed which she refuses to sleep in. Eventually I layed on the ground next to her cot patting her for three hours. Please help I'm so tired I haven't had more than two hours sleep in the last 5nights. I can't function at home let alone work. Any advice would be welcomed.
I sympathise with you as we have a son 21mths who has never been a great sleeper and he has done this too.
Is your daughter teething?
The other thing I can suggest is has she got ear problems?
Get her checked at the doctor. This was one of our problems as Ollie had glue ear from about 14mths and it really did affect his sleep, he would wake all the time crying as it hurt the poor thing.
He now has grommets and his sleeping is so much better, still not perfect but better than before.
Hope it gets better soon.
would the ea infection only effect her at hight. She sleep well during the day and is acive and happy. Bust as soon as we walk into the bedroom at night she already starts screaming.
Generally infections come with temperatures.
Ollie had a couple of infections but the main problem was that the fluid wasnt draining from his ears so he got glue ear.
He was a happy camper during the day although we had some whingy days, his day sleeps were never very long. The nights were worse as his head was lying down for long periods.

If it is unusual for her to be like this go to the doctor and at least then you can be sure & hopefully rule out any health related problems.

Then maybe you can put it down to one of the many phases that our lovely babes go through!! gasp]
My son who also just turned one is doing exactly the same thing.
He too can carry on for hours although I am holding him and trying to comfort him in every way.
He too is very happy during the day, but starts the night issues after 1 or so hours of sleeping.
Hi, my 14 month old goes down ok but wakes in the middle of the night hysterical also... same thing, takes 2-3 hours for him to get back to sleep & the whole family is tired. I don't really know how I should be handling it so as not to create bad habits & more problems for us!!
Will be interested to see what other replies you get...
I've noticed that the nights Mikayla is up screaming is the days she struggles to have a bowel movement. We noticed she kept pulling her legs up at night. So I kept notes on the days when she didn't sleep and those were the days when she really struggled to do a poo.
Hi, my little boy is a week away from 1 and he's a night time screamer too! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! We went to sleep school when he was 10 months and I still call the nurses regularly because his sleep habits keep changing. The advice they gave me for night screaming is:
1. let baby scream for 10 min
2. go in, don't pick baby up but say 'still time for nigh nighs/sleep', good boy' and leave room...expect them to get more hysterical initially because you didn't pick them up or pat or give attention they wanted...but this is time for tough love (might also check just to ensure their nappy hasn't leaked or they've done a poo)
3. if crying continues...wait another 10 min
4. repeat step 2 (don't touch baby or spend more than 1 min in room)...still time for tough love...your voice must be firm like you're not messing around
5. if crying continues wait another 10 min
6. go in, pick baby up, cuddle and soothe to stop crying...this is time to let them know you do love them BUT it is still time for nigh nighs
7. leave room and if still crying repeat steps
8. we've done it for 2 hours at a time but it eventually works. The nurses told me that babies as old as ours it is behavioural. It is a battle of wills and they can usually cry a lot longer than we can stand it. So they win...and know tomorrow night all they have to do is scream for 2 hours and eventually they win.

It is hard work but I at least feel like I've got some control back and an action plan. And my little boy now generally sleeps through. We have screaming fits now when we put him to bed but I'm sticking to the technique. Not every night is bad.

The other thing I learnt is that some babies are self settlers and others need help. And this is our little angle...but it also means they are more active, curious, determined and I think these are all amazing traits! And it just means they need help to wind down. So I keep telling myself to stay calm and give him the help he needs. Doesn't mean I don't scream and grab a glass of wine to cope some nights but it does help!

Good luck!
Hi There,

I am having similar problems with my son. He is 22 months old. He does go down alright. Sleeps for about an hour, then the constant waking starts.
I must also mention, that we have tried control crying and it worked for a while until he got quite sick with tonsilitis.
Also we were just beginning the control crying again, but my little angel has worked out how to climb out of his cot. Now I am afraid to leave him in the cot, as he might hurt himself.
So we are trying the big bed.
I have been to see my community health nurse and she has given me a referral to QE2 in Canberra (A sleep clinic). But I cannot get into there until Feb 2009.
So in the meantime, I ahve an appointment with my doctor today (he is gonna do a full check up to make sure there are no UTI or ear infections) and I rang the Karitane careline this morning.
A nurse rang me back within 1/2 an hour. She was really understanding and gave me some techniques to try between now and sleep clinic. Hopefully they will work and we wont even have to go to sleep schol!
Just knowing that all is not lost (and I am not the only Mum in the world that is running on no sleep) is such a releif, and has given me a bit more strenght to keep. going.
I would reccommend ringing the Karitane Careline... or talking to your GP or community health nurse. They really are a big help.
Good Luck to all those sleep depraved mums!


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