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hi my name is kim i have a 10mth old that have started getting up throughout the night just to play,how do i get him back to sleeping all night

kim,nsw,9month old baby

Hi Kim,

My daughter started doing the same around that age. I also found settling her was getting more difficult, then I realised she was keeping herself awake by "talking" to her toys.

Our solution was to "put the toys to bed" when it was sleep time. All toys were covered with blankets or removed from the room so they could sleep.

It sounds silly but even now at 2.5 it still works. She even helps us put the toys to sleep.

When I forget and she happens to sleep as soon as she wakes up I get told, the toys havent had a sleep!

As soon as I took the visual stimuli way she went straight back to sleeping through.

Karyn, QLD, Mum to 6th Isabella

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