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any other parents with 18 month old who still dont sleep through the night? Lock Rss

hi i am just wondering if their are any other mums with toddlers who dont sleep through the night? if so how do you handle it? my son is now 18 months old and hardley ever sleeps through the night i have tried everything i can possible thing of to get him to stay asleep. from controlled crying, night light, lullabys, dummy, extra milk, less milk, checking his nappy,controlled comforting method, making sure he is warm enough, making sure he is not to hot, etc he has even been to a sleep day stay program which didnt have any effect what so ever! he goes to bed at 8:30pm and generally i dont have many problems getting him to bed but then he will wake anywhere between 1 and 4 am and the only way i can get him back to sleep is by putting him in my bed which is not a good idea i know but its the only way either of us manage to get any sleep. i have even tried putting him into a big bed but he didnt like this idea! anyone who has any suggestion would be great! i would also love to hear from people who are going thruogh they same problem
Hey baysmummy, my son will be turning 2 next month (July) he does the same thing. He is now in a "big" as he kept climbing out of his cot!! We were so scared he was going to hurt himself we couldnt see any other option but to put him in a single bed. Like your little one on most nights my son will go to bed any where from 7.00 to 8.30pm but no matter what I do he will wake up crying around 12.00 so we give him his dummy back and most nights he settles. However some nights he doesnt and as we are so tired (have to work the next day) we either put him in our bed (last resort) or we climb in his bed. This means we usually fall asleep in his bed and wake up around 3.00am to go back to our own bed. He usually is up at 5.00 (no matter what time he went to bed) and come into our room saying "5" which means Hi5- he wants to watch it. As he can get out of his bed he comes into our room when he wants. We have been told to put a gate on his door so he cant get out but all this means he either walks into the gate in the dark which scares the living life out of him and we have no chance of settling him or he stands at the gate screaming and screaming. We are so afraid of what the neighbours must think. We, like you have tried everything from the shutting the door to controlled crying but nothing works. Our son has never been a good sleeper so we have just accepted it and enjoy the odd night he does sleep through. But if anyone can add some suggestions like you said it would be great.
Hi Baysmummy,

I am one of the lucky ones who has an 18 month old who sleeps from 7pm to 6.30 - 7am almost every night. But day sleeps are a bit more of a struggle. My daughter hardly ever has a decent day sleep anymore. I was wondering if your little boy was getting too much sleep during the day? Also it sounds like it has become a habit for your little boy to wake up at night and you need to break the habit. On the odd occassion when my daughter wakes up during the night I leave her for a few minutes to see if she will settle herself, if she doesn't and sounds distressed then I go into her dark room and comfort her by patting her on the back and talking softly to her. She sleeps in a big bed now and I have had very little problems with her changing over. I understand you taking him into your bed because you are tired, but I think in the end you ar probably making it worse for yourself.

Have you tried asking the sleep expert here at Huggies in the general section for advice? She is great.

Good luck with your little boy and may you both be sleeping soudly through the night soon.


With the big bed it may be an idea to try a mattress on the floor to start with, first with his day sleep then at night. I found my son only started to sleep through at 15 months after I took away the dummy (control crying to get him off it) and put him on a mattress on the floor (big ks which is too high on a bed at the moment).
Just my thought's but I think bringing him into your own bed is a big mistake, and he probably has learnt to expect it, and after how long you give in.
With the controlled crying you have to persist for a few nights, and comfort/settle him if he gets distressed or rerally worked up. But when he's calm repeat the message (it's sleep time go to sleep) and leave the room again. You have to persist, decide how long for I guess - like an hour or so whatever you think is reasonable and you can handle, but do it for longer the next night if you can. That's really the only thing I can see working, just not giving in for a few nights in a row to break the habit. If he has a pillow/teddy/blanket try using it as his comfort to get him to sleep instead?

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

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