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Unsettle Toddler Lock Rss

When my 20 months toddler sleeps, she would tosses and moved around in her cot. She would either kick away her doona or wake up and sleep on the other end of her cot. She had slept in all different angles. If she hadn't been in a cot, I was certain she would fall out of her cot as she always tosses herself around during sleep

Does anybody out there has the same problems, or knows the reasons behind all this?

I have also been thinking of putting her into a single bed, as I'm expecting my second baby in a months time but has been reluncant due to the above reasons.
I have a 22 mth old that moved around the cot. She has grown out of it latley but still has the odd restless night. I am planning to move her into her own bed when she is 2. I think it could be somthing that they do at this age. My daughter kick off all her blankets so what I have done this winther is dressed her in flanny PJ's and put her in one of those suits with legs in them. This combats the cold. My Sister moved her daughter out of the coat before the baby was born and it worked for her. So have a couple of my freinds. All you need to do is buy a side for the bed from any of the baby shops the sell for about $40. This what I will be doing. Just make sure the bed is up against the wall. I wish you all the best. If looking for sleeping bag here is a web site that may help.
Thanks Mon, I visited the website. yes they do have many fancy stuffs to keep kids cosy. Do you also turn on the heater after you dress your daughter in the flanny PJs? You see, last week I left my daughter to sleep in her room by herself. I also dressed her in Flanny PJs. Everytime I walk into he room, her blanket was kicked away.

She was alright sleeping by herself, however after two nights alone in her room she had a fever and I figure it must be the fact that she is cold during the night. To care for her and to reduce the fever I got her back into my bed. Overall I felt guilty for not being by her side during the night. Ever since she was born she had always slept with me in the same room.
Hi my name johanne Thats why she does go to sleep bye her self I got a friend her son is 4 and he will not sleep in his bed at all that s why people say let them sleep in there own room from the day my boy came hoe he was in hes cot ..

[email protected] plainland qld

Hey mum in stress
My boy did the same thing rolled around in his cot and was waking up all night tossing and turning and found out that the mattress i had in the cot had a weight restriction and my boy was getting to heavy for it. The springs were digging in to him (my god did i feel bad) we also figured that he was just that tiny bit to long and tryed him on a single bed mattress on out floor and he slept the best he ever has.
He also has a problem with kicking of the blankets and when i touch him hes like ice no matter what i dress him in. So we just kept him in our room and when the nights start getting warmer we will move him to his own room again. And hopefully buy next winter he will be old enough to realise that he has to keep them on to stay warm.
If your worried of her not going back to her bed when she has her day sleep put her in her room so shes use to it thats what we do and it seems to be working
hope i have helped

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

My son is 16 months old and he has always been a restless sleeper who never stays under the covers and always ends up in an awkward sideways position at the head of the cot. I always had to dress him in pjays with the feet in them and have a (safe) heater in his room on low to keep the room temperature comfortable. I usually have to go in to him at least three times per night because he's crying and needs to be moved back into the middle of the cot. After reading some of the comments in this room I'm seriously considering the big bed option now. I was worried about him falling out, but I think the single matress on the floor might be the way to start. I think I'll start that in summer when the heater is not required.
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