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New sleep problems after controlled crying Lock Rss

My DS is 18 months old. Night time sleeps became very bad with DH and I up for hours at a time patting him to sleep. Our pediatrician recommended controlled crying, which we tried for one night and amazingly we had a great sleeper again.

A few weeks later our routine got upset and some big teeth came along. Now DS is waking up between 3 and 5 times a night. We go to him straight away and tell him that it is still nighttime and he needs to go back to sleep and generally he does go back to sleep(thankfully). But this behaviour has continued on for at least 2 weeks now and it is wearing us down again having such interrupted sleep ourselves. We are not sure what next steps to try to get our good sleeper back again. Does anyone have any suggestions or experienced a similar situation ?
Hi there,

My advice to you would be to not run to him straight away in his cot. My DS was miserab;e for abut 2 weeks with teeth coming through and a few nights we went in to his room straight away to comfort him, and then because we had done this a few times, he continued to cry out (thankfully, it wasn't in the early hours of the morning but around 10pm). Now I just listen for his cry and wait before I go back in. Usually he just puts himself back to sleep. He hasn't done this though (touch wood) for a while!

Good luck,
hey i'm having the same issue, my DS is 18mths and has gone through three weks where four of the molars have come through (though not the really big ones at the back yet) and now he will only go back to sleep with me holding him or putting him in my bed, but even then he is restless adn moans and wakes up for brief periods all night long.
Hi. Thanks for your replies. We have only 1 and half of the big teeth. To think what we still have to go through !!
I worry if I wait before going to him he will wind himself up and get very upset and then be even harder to settle. Did you find this ? Last night LO woke at about 10pm and then went through til just after 6. Big improvement. I hope we are now on the uphill path but I know it will be only until the next tooth comes through. Do you give your kids panadol when they get very upset and you think it is because of teeth ?
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