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Hope someone has some advice on sleeping problems. Rss

My 12.5 month old was showing sighs that he was finally starting to sleep through the night ( he has never been a great sleeper) but then spent a month getting sick on and off and now things are worse than ever. He will sleep for 5-8 hours and then spend the next 5-3 hours waking up, every 1hour-40 minutes and then at 5.30 won’t go back to sleep at all. We are expecting our second child in around 6 months so have resorted to controlled comforting out of sheer desperation. He has responded to this as in he is no longer wake for two hours in the middle on the night. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to encourage him to sleep longer and maybe one day even through the night.???
Hi there!
I cant offer any great wisdom, but I can relate to you. My son was doing the same thing, we did the controilled crying and that seemed to work, but then he got sick with tonsilitis really bad and things have gotten progressively worse.
I have just resorted to getting a referral from my community health Nurse, and I am booked in to a sleep clininc with my son at QE2 in Canberra. Unfortunately it is not until February 2009. In the meantime, I have just rang Karitane, and they have given me some really good advice.
They were very understanding.
I am going to try that, and see if we can fix the problem ourselves.
I will let you now how we go!


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