Hi all,

In the last month my 12 month old has lost his routine, due to my Mum being in hospital and having my wheelchair bound Grandmother having to stay with us.
His normal routine was he wakes between 5.30 - 6am. He would have a small morining nap and a nap for a bout 2 hours in the afternoon, then he would go to bed at about 6.30- 7pm. I was always able to put him into bed and he would go to sleep.
Now he wakes at the same time, his morning nap is about 40 minutes I dont mind if that goes, but he wont have a afternoon nap, then is grumpy and wont go to bed until at least 9pm. He is also teething so some nights I am waking 3 times.
I have tried controlled crying, but this time it hasnt worked. I have even tried giving him a bottle but its no help either.
I still have to help my Mum and Nana out now buy doing a few things for them, but am always back home for afternoon nap.
Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance