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i have just come back from the clinic for my 7 week old check up.

While the nurse was checking my little boy i started to ask questions about my two year old i was shocked to hear that she should of been off her bottle at one year of age she should not be having her 3 bottles that she has everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told nurse she has her days when she eats and when she doesn't and she said this is her problem i don’t think it is ( if she is not eating well during the day at least she’s having her bottles).

Has anyone out there being told this too!!!!
Yes we went to the clinic at 18months and were told that our son should have been off bottles by then so we phased them out over the next couple of weeks. Three a day does seem allot for 2yrs and yes I too have been told that they should be getting their sustanance from food by that age. Milk is very filling and I guess it stands to reason why she is not hungry for other stuff. Milk alone also doesn't have all the vitamins ect they need at that age. I'd really be trying to phase them out. Good Luck.
hello Sparkle

my son is 2 and 4 months and he still has a bottle only at rest or bed time and i have tryed to make him have a cup and he is really good in the day with cups but of a night no chance he will scream & scream & scream till he gets his bottle i am trying again tonight to give him a cup

I got told by my clinic nurse to start weaning him at 12 months old and i dident as he slept really good when he had a bottle and was a nightmare with out it,
my oldest daughter was using a cup from 11 1/2 months

are you going to take your daughter off her bottles

Hayley 27/10/00, Daniel 17/11/03, Emily 09/11/05

I was always worried on taking my son off the bottle as he was quite fond of it, my suggestion is to throw them out a sweat it out for a day or two. just give her a drink of before bed with a sip a cup and put her straight to bed. i did it to my son when he was 14 months and was terrified my son would go to sleep but u will be suprised if she is not even phased about it. milk is still fine as there bones are still developing just change the bottle to a cup. but dont put her down with the cup i see too many parents doing that and that is just changing it from one habbit to the next. i hope it helps. just dive in and give it ago, but please remember to throw the bottles out incase u are tempted to give her the bottle back. its not worth it

jessica QLD 20 month old boy

emily was still on 4 bottles a day when she was 18 months and I didnt know how to getbher off them. I just took her bottles away and gave her the milk in a sippy cup.

If its not there they only have one chioce if they really want their milk and will drink out of a cup.

I didnt have any dramas with her going off bottles cold turkey and she is happily drinking from cups.

Good luck


Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hi Sparkle

My daughter is still having a few bottles per day and some days instead of food altogether and she is 15 months.

My expereince is not to take on any of that stuff, I am still getting told things that my daughter should be doing and not doing.

The truth is, is that your daughter will tell you when she needs things and it is important not to force anything on them.

The advice that CAYHS and other services like that give you are on text book theroies only and are only guidelines.

You will go crazy if take it all on board, If she is not eating well as kids do, then it is important that she still has all the nutrience and vitimins that she would get from her bottle.

It is probably also comforting to her to have a bottle.

Hope that help


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

i just think what ever works with u thats how it should be. milk is classified as food so if they are still having bottles they most likey wont eat food. they need to have foods thats have everything in them like protein, and all the vitimins. i havent been told to do thats only cause i stopped seeing my health nurse when my daughter was about 3 months. does she have trouble eating her food? i do believe 3 is a bit much. should start weaning just to 2 a day for a few weeks then 1 a day. see how u go with thats. thats what i did with my daughter. she had 4 bottles a day from4 months then i took her off her afternoon milk at about 6 months, then her mid morning one about 7months . she stopped her night one at about 9 months but still had a morning one until 15 months. she basically weaned her self off the bottle in the mornings and night time. i hadno trouble weening her of. good luck

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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