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I have a 20month year old boy and 5 months ago he went to a bed and he was fine slept all night through but in the last month and a half he has been coming into bed with us. i have tried to put him back to bed and he keeps coming back in one night he came in 8 times!!!! i ended up giving up for awhile and notice he still wakes up to see if we are still there then goes back to sleep when he see us there. i have tried leaving the door closed as he goes to sleep easy at the begining of the night when i have the door close and there is a light on in the house so he can see but i make sure it is not in his face. i tried sitting in his room with him and patting him to sleep but he is still getting up through the night i am out of ideas can someone give me some advice

jessica QLD 20 month old boy

My daughter 2.5 does the same thing some nights sometimes she goes back to sleep but when she gets loud i worry about her waking the other two so i let her in our bed, She talks and kicks all night, but she is only doing it 2 times a week at the moment so i put up with it for the peace.......not the best idea i know, i tried lying in her bed too but she just looks at me for ages and i dont want to fall asleep in there, apparently ur supposed to just put them back to bed...if you dont need any sleep yourself
Hi, My son did the exact same thing for a while, after being a very good night sleeper. Once he started to do this I was very consistent in taking him back to his room and back to his bed. I would lay down next to him until he fell asleep then left the room, if he did wake up again and try and come into our bed I would repeat the same routine again and again until it stopped. It does happen now but only once a week or fortnight when he's a bad dream. I think the key is being consistent and not giving in to them.

Mum to Bub

Some kids like to climb into bed with their parents as it is the only time that they see their parents together (ie one might work day shift and the other evening shift etc, or one gets so involved with the kids as soon as they walk in the door that the other is left by themselves fixing dinner etc...) Kids like to see their parents together. The other thing can be that the only time that the kids get their parents sole attention is when they lay in bed with them.

I dont know if this is relevant, but I know it has been the case for a few friends.

We take 10- 15 min out a few times a week to sit and talk to each other without the kids being the centre of attention. Often we sit them down on the floor in front of us with a book and tell them that this is mum and dads time and they have to entertain themselves for 10 min (good theory). they did bother us the first few times, but now they dont.

Good luck to all who are dealing with this one... its a toughy!

The other thing that may help, is talking to the person in the sleep section of this site. They have good tips. I have been known to call them.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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